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Workshop Sessions

Recordings of our workshops offered in the past can be found on our VITAL channel at Mediasite. 

Faculty Forums on Student Learning Assessment, Fall 2015 - 2019

Faculty members, representing all colleges, participated in these collegial forums focused on faculty practices regarding student learning outcomes assessment at the course and/or programmatic levels. Faculty hosted table conversations focused on specific means of student learning assessment. They demonstrated particular assessment tools and described the rationale, implementation, and utilization for obtaining meaningful, actionable results. The forum's goal is to expand the collection of practice-based assessment methods and engage in faculty-driven assessment leadership.  

Link to 2019 Forum Agenda

Link to 2018 Forum Agenda

Link to 2017 Forum Agenda

Link to 2016 Forum Agenda

Link to 2015 Forum Agenda

Session Materials:

Sample alumni surveys: Link to Engineering
Sample formative student feedback: Link to Education & Counseling, Link to Chemistry 
Sample rubrics: Link to Geography & the Environment
Comprehensive exam development at the graduate program level: Link to Public Administration

Accessibility is a critical factor in students’ success. How can we ensure that our course materials are accessible? In this session, we will introduce legal considerations for accessibility, discuss evidence-based practices to develop ADA-compliant courses in Blackboard LMS, and apply Universal Design principles to support students’ learning. You will leave the session with concrete ways to both check for and make your course materials accessible.

Thu, January 6, 11:00am–12:15pm - via Zoom
with Nicole Subik, director, LSS, and Andy Cui, associate director, VITAL
Registration will be available soon.

Co-sponsors: Learning Support Services (LSS) and VITAL

Are you looking for a way for your students to work together on assignments or projects? Would you like students to be able to share their semester research or final projects with classmates to receive peer feedback?  Are you already using these tools and have ideas to share with colleagues? Dr. Valentina DeNardis, Director, Classical Studies, VITAL Microsoft for Higher Education Fellow, will demonstrate how Microsoft Teams and OneNote can be used effectively for student collaboration. Features of Teams and OneNote include file sharing and collaboration, digital notebook or whiteboard space, asynchronous chat space, and video meetings.

Wed, 11/17, 3:00–4:15pm. RSVP  by 11/16. 

You will receive the Zoom meeting link upon registration.

Digital Storytelling With Microsoft Sway: 12/10

What creative presentation/storytelling opportunities does Microsoft Sway offer to faculty and students compared to PowerPoint? Sway is an easy-to-use, engaging, multi-media, web-based presentation tool that we can use to input text, images, video, audio, and Microsoft Forms surveys or quizzes. We can choose a ready-made design for our presentation and share it with a link. Join Dr. Valentina DeNardis, director, Classical Studies, VITAL Microsoft fellow, for a brief demonstration and discuss concrete applications to your course. 

  • Friday, December 10th, 10-11:15 a.m. 
  • Friday, January 7th, 10-11:15 a.m. 
RSVP by December 9.