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Teaching and Learning Strategies (TLS) Program at Villanova, May 11, via Zoom

This end-of-the-academic-year collegial forum affords us the opportunity to reflect on our teaching practices and experiences through the lens of "evidence-based practices for student learning and engagement" with Claire Howell Major, esteemed teacher-scholar and author, University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The practice-based program will be offered virtually via Zoom and expertly integrates reflection, discussion and application.
The program will be followed by a Mixer with Colleagues at the Montrose Mansion and Patio, the Inn at Villanova University.

Link to Zoom Room:

Registration has been closed; please contact VITAL for information.

Image Claire Howell Major

Claire Howell Major is Professor of Higher Education at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Her research centers on faculty work, pedagogical approaches, technology for teaching, and online learning. Major has authored and co-authored several books, including five with Elizabeth Barkley. Their newest work is titled Engaged Teaching: A Handbook for College Faculty. They also have four texts that comprise the College Teaching Techniques series published by Wiley/Jossey Bass:  Interactive Lecturing, Student Engagement Techniques, Collaborative Learning Techniques, and Learning Assessment Techniques.  She has published Teaching Online: A Guide to Theory, Research, and Practice (published by Johns Hopkins University Press) and Teaching for Learning: 101 Intentionally Designed Educational Techniques to Put Students on the Path to Success (published by Routledge, with Michael Harris and Todd Zakrajsek). In addition, she has published several books on qualitative research methods. Major’s professional service also focuses on teaching and learning in higher education; one of her primary service activities is the co-founding and development of the K. Patricia Cross Academy

2022 Agenda 

9:30 - 11:00a.m.

Teaching for Learning: Evidence-Based Instructional Strategies
Interactive, applied keynote with Claire Howell Major, Professor of Higher Education, University of Alabama, Teacher, Researcher, Author, Co-Founder of the K. Patricia Cross Academy

Research on teaching and learning in higher education is better than ever. Scholars from nearly every discipline and field imaginable have researched many different instructional strategies and techniques. Their studies have much to offer our understanding about how to improve student learning. Evidence-based teaching has finally arrived, and indeed it is long overdue. In this interactive session, participants will learn about instructional practices and techniques that have been documented to improve learning in some contexts and will consider whether these techniques could be effective in their own classes.

11:00 – 11:15a.m.

Wellness Break

11:15 - 12:25p.m.

Lightning Rounds: Creative Teaching Ideas by Faculty Colleagues
20-minute mini-session to learn about creative teaching ideas that colleagues have implemented
The sessions are designed to provide brief introductions and explanations  of the idea followed by a question-and-answer period. Lightning rounds are offered three times, giving participants the opportunity to learn about different ideas for teaching.  

Lightning Round Sessions

1. Discussion in the round: Hearing all voices: Gabriele Bauer, VITAL
2. Em"power"ing student learning with power point
: Valentina DeNardis, Classical Studies, VITAL Microsoft for Higher Education Fellow
3. Jigsaw for exam preparation: Christina Winterton, Biology
4. Safe and brave spaces: Tania Romero, Communication
5. Unveiling the hidden curriculum: Bright Nsowaa, Mathematics & Statistics
6. Using golden lines to enhance reading comprehension: Allison Covey, Ethics
7. What constitutes participation? Whitney Snead, OUS and Augustine & Culture Seminar Program 

12:25 – 1:25p.m.


1:30 - 3:00p.m.

Making Group Work Work: Collaborative Learning as a High Impact Instructional Practice
Applied workshop session with Claire Howell Major

An impressive research base supports the use of group learning in the college and university classroom. The benefits range from improved students' learning to increased satisfaction and better interaction with their peers. Collaborative Learning has indeed been designated a “high impact practice” because of the many benefits to students. In this workshop, participants will revisit this high-impact practice and choose collaborative activities for their own courses.

3:15 - 4:30p.m

Mixer with Colleagues
Join us for hors d’oeuvres and refreshments at the Montrose Mansion and Patio, the Inn at Villanova University    

I found the entire day uplifting. The enthusiasm among the faculty was contagious and renewed my interest in being the best teacher possible.

Sessions raised my awareness of gender issues and micro aggressions and it made me more conscious of the need to create an inclusive learning environment.

I appreciate the opportunity to discuss what I’ve learned with enthusiastic, motivated, intellectually curious, and caring colleagues.

I learned more ways to engage students, have them “do more of the work,” and what it means to be a teacher at Villanova. I feel very motivated and encouraged in my role as a teacher.

The keynote introduced some interesting perspectives about what motivates students to do the work of learning. I plan to communicate more clearly to my students the importance of the material in my classes.

Different approaches to building community in class as well as mechanisms for online sharing of course material.

I will try to use Kahoot as a classroom polling technology. I got a lot of good ideas regarding active learning strategies for helping students to feel more comfortable and engaged.

I learned some more details about flipped classes pertaining to technical content with details on getting students to watch the videos ahead of class, grading, and best enhancing the video without repeating it.

A colleague gave me an idea for a midterm survey related to participation that I plan to use - have the students evaluate their participation, and explain reasons for their level of participation.

It's great to gather as an interdisciplinary group all focused on teaching at Villanova. The insights shared in networking and the content from the sessions were excellent.

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