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2019 Teaching and Learning Strategies (TLS) Program at Villanova

Wednesday, May 15, 9:30a.m. - 4:00p.m., Bartley Hall

Registration is closed. We look forward to seeing you soon! Please contact us with your questions.

Link to panel: Supporting Students Facing Mental Health Challenges with P. Bradley, M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing; N. Mott, Learning Support Services; J. Whitney, University Counseling Center, M. Kerbel, Interim Associate Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning 

Link to panel handouts

The end of the academic year offers a fitting venue to reflect on our teaching practices and experiences: What did we learn from our teaching? How did our course modifications impact our students’ learning? The TLS program provides a stimulating campus-wide forum to discuss teaching practices that advance our students’ learning, share experiences with colleagues, and celebrate our accomplishments. Faculty will demonstrate and discuss a range of teaching approaches for engaged student learning.

The program will include 50-minute practice-based concurrent and small-group roundtable discussions. The event will conclude with a reception. Join your colleagues, share your stories, and celebrate the end of the academic year!

Agenda Overview  
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Registration, Light Breakfast


Concurrent Sessions


Panel Discussion: Supporting Students Facing Mental Health Challenges




Concurrent Sessions


Small Group Discussions
8-10 participants per roundtable


Reception, Posters, Academic Resources

The program is co-sponsored by UNIT-IT


Resources for creating a poster - VITAL will cover the cost for poster printing; please call Ext. 9-5627.

I found the entire day uplifting. The enthusiasm among the faculty was contagious and renewed my interest in being the best teacher possible.

Sessions raised my awareness of gender issues and micro aggressions and it made me more conscious of the need to create an inclusive learning environment.

I appreciate the opportunity to discuss what I’ve learned with enthusiastic, motivated, intellectually curious, and caring colleagues.

I learned more ways to engage students, have them “do more of the work,” and what it means to be a teacher at Villanova. I feel very motivated and encouraged in my role as a teacher.

The keynote introduced some interesting perspectives about what motivates students to do the work of learning. I plan to communicate more clearly to my students the importance of the material in my classes.

Different approaches to building community in class as well as mechanisms for online sharing of course material.

I will try to use Kahoot as a classroom polling technology. I got a lot of good ideas regarding active learning strategies for helping students to feel more comfortable and engaged.

I learned some more details about flipped classes pertaining to technical content with details on getting students to watch the videos ahead of class, grading, and best enhancing the video without repeating it.

A colleague gave me an idea for a midterm survey related to participation that I plan to use - have the students evaluate their participation, and explain reasons for their level of participation.

It's great to gather as an interdisciplinary group all focused on teaching at Villanova. The insights shared in networking and the content from the sessions were excellent.

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