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CITI Training

To register for the first time through Villanova, enter “Villanova University” in the “Select Your Organization Affiliation” box. Follow the subsequent prompts to set yourself up as a learner. For more details, see the complete CITI training instructions.

Each course module consists of instructional text, related case studies and a quiz. The quiz can be retaken until a minimum passing score of 80% is achieved. If you have any questions about this program, please contact the Office of Research Protections.

If you have completed the required modules within the last two years at another institution, please link your existing CITI profile to Villanova. Please follow the instructions below.

CITI Training Course: Basic Biosafety Training - titled “Initial Biosafety Training”  BL1 All Faculty/PI/Post Docs/Staff

BL1 All Faculty/PI/Post Docs/Staff
working with 10L or greater culture volumes

BL2 All Faculty/PI/ Post Docs/Staff

1) Biosafety Course Overview


2) Laboratory Acquired Infections


3) Biohazard Risk Assessment


4) Risk Management: Work Practices

  X X

5) Risk Management: Personal Protective Equipment

  X X

6) Risk Management: Emergency and Spill Response

  X X

7) Working Safely with Sharp Instruments

  X X

8) Disinfection and Sterilization

  X X

9) Centrifuge Precautions

    X (only if using centrifuges)

10) Engineering controls and containment devices

    X (optional training if working with large volumes)
CITI Training Course: Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) X X X
CITI Training Course: Conflicts of Interest (COI) X X X


  • All faculty working with infectious agents, recombinant DNA, human or primate cells in culture or proteins toxic to vertebrates should complete training modules 1-3.
  • BL2 or BL1 level work using 10L or greater culture volumes should complete training modules 1-10.

For FCOI disclosure, please contact the COI Office with your Villanova user name and department. FCOI disclosures are not normally required for students.