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Awards and Honors

Each year several awards are given to faculty members who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to the University:

The Outstanding Faculty Research Award

The Outstanding Faculty Research Award is presented to a member of the faculty who demonstrates the highest standards of excellence in their research, scholarship, and contributions to their field. read more

The Pohlhaus-Stracciolini Award for Teaching Excellence

The Pohlhaus-Stracciolini Award for Teaching Excellence is presented to an adjunct faculty member who demonstrates a commitment to the life of the mind and to the well-being of students through teaching that is intellectually stimulating, challenging, and accessible, with efforts extending beyond the classroom. read more

The Outstanding Faculty Mentor Teaching Award

The Outstanding Faculty Mentor Teaching Award is presented to a full-time faculty member who has excelled at mentoring students, especially in scholarly research, at the undergraduate and/or graduate level. read more

The Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Outstanding Teaching

The Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Outstanding Teaching is presented to a faculty member who excels in undergraduate teaching. read more

Junior Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching

The Junior Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching is presented to a faculty member who has been in a full time position for less than seven years and has developed extraordinarily effective teaching approaches. read more

Faculty Award for Innovative Teaching

The Faculty Award for Innovative Teaching is given annually to a full-time professor whose courses employ creative techniques to enhance student learning and growth. read more

Lafferty Award

The Lafferty award recognizes faculty members who have made a distinctive and lasting contribution to enhancing the quality of the student experience by engaging with students in significant ways outs idea traditional teaching or research relationship and beyond their formal advising duties. read more

University Mid-Career Service Award

The University Mid-Career Service Award recognizes faculty members would have made extraordinary contributions to the welfare and functioning of their departments, colleges,the University, and their profession. Such service must have exceeded the normal requirements of the candidate’s position, and must have been minimally compensated. read more

The Lawrence C. Gallen, OSA, Faculty Service Award

The Lawrence C. Gallen, O.S.A. Faculty Service Award is presented to an individual member of the Villanova University faculty who has, over many years, contributed outstanding service to the Villanova University community. read more

The Meyer Innovation and Creative Excellence (ICE) Award

The Meyer Innovation and Creative Excellence Awards were created and endowed in 2009 by Patrick Meyer '74 VSB in honor of the Meyer family (Patrick '74, Edward '86, and C. Paul '30) to recognize a spirit of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship that enhances Villanova University.

The University Scholarly Achievement Award

The University Scholarly Achievement Award will recognize excellence on the part of faculty for published research, scholarship, and/or creative expression. The awards will be given for accomplishments in the preceding three academic years.

The University Mid-Career Scholar Award

The University Mid-Career Scholar Award will recognize a growing body of scholarship or creative achievement made by a mid-career faculty member.

Faculty Members Awarded Tenure with Promotion to Associate Professor Department
Dr. Denise Hanes Downey Accountancy
Dr. Danielle Lombardi Accountancy
Dr. Matthew Youngman Biology
Dr. Ryan Jorn Chemistry
Dr. Kathryn Haymaker Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Manuela Priesemuth MGOP
Dr. Michelle Kelly Nursing
Dr. Meredith MacKenzie Greenle Nursing
Dr. Jennifer Ross Nursing
Dr. Camille Burge Political Science
Dr. Janette Herbers Psychology and Brain Sciences
Dr. Raul Diego Rivera Hernandez Romance Language and Literature
Dr. James Kriesel Romance Language and Literature
Dr. Melissa Hodges Sociology and Criminology
Mr. James Ijames Theatre
Dr. Kathleen Grimes Theology and Religious Studies
Dr. Brett Grainger Theology and Religious Studies
Dr. Kerry San Chirico Theology and Religious Studies
Dr. Yimin Zhang Mathematics and Statistics
Faculty Members Awarded Promotion to Professor Department
Dr. Scott Dressler Economics
Dr. Eugene McCarraher Humanities
Dr. Erasmus Kersting Economics
Dr. Andrej Prsa Astrophysics & Planetary Sciences
Dr. Kelly Welch Sociology and Criminology
Dr. Jean Lutes English
Dr. Rebecca Brand Psychological and Brain Science
Dr. Susan Mackey-Kallis Communication
Dr. Michael Tomko Humanities
Dr. Jerusha Connor Education and Counseling
Dr. Gabriel Rockhill Philosophy
Faculty Member Awarded Tenure without Promotion Department
Mr. Edward Sobel Theatre and Studio Art
Faculty Member Awarded Promotion w/o Tenure to Associate Department
Dr. Cheryl Carleton Economics
Faculty Members Awarded Promotion to Professor Emeritus Department
Dr. Robert Giuliano Chemistry
Dr. Janice Knepper Biology
Faculty Members Awarded Promotion to Associate Professor Emeritus
Dr. Masako Hamada Global Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr. P. Greg Bonner Marketing and Business Law
CNT Faculty Awarded Promotion Promoted To  Department
Kathleen Iacocca Associate Professor - NT MGOP
Peter Palenchar Associate Teaching Professor Chemistry
Jennifer Joyce Associate Teaching Professor ACS
Stefan Perun Associate Teaching Professor Public Administration
Gregory Grimes Senior Instructor Theology and Religious Studies
Sarah Burke Associate Teaching Professor Economics
Seth Fishman Associate Teaching Professor Education and Counseling
Theresa Rissell Associate Professor of Practice Economics
HaiLin Zhou Teaching Professor Global Interdisciplinary Studies
Anna Drummey Associate Teaching Professor Psychological and Brain Sciences
Allisa Vaillancourt Associate Teaching Professor Humanities
Joseph Comber Associate Teaching Professor Biology
Elise Pasles Associate Teaching Professor Mathematics and Statistics

In addition to annual awards, Villanova recognizes faculty who have demonstrated excellence in teaching, research and service through the Endowed Chairs Program. In honoring a faculty member with an endowed chair, we in effect charge them to be premier scholars, academic leaders, and models for other faculty. As they fulfill their obligations as chair holders, they produce value -- in the classroom, in the laboratory, in public venues, and, among their colleagues in their departments and colleges. Additional criteria for appointment include compatibility with the particular academic specifications established by the donor of the chair or professorship and compatibility with and ability to contribute to the University's Catholic and Augustinian values and mission.

Endowed Deanship Name
Current Dean
Connelly Endowed Deanship Dr. Donna Sullivan Havens, M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing
The Helen and William O'Toole Endowed Deanship Dr. Joyce E. A. Russell, School of Business
The Drosdick Endowed Deanship

Dr. Michele Marcolongo, Dean of Engineering

Endowed Chair Name Current Chairholder
The Augustinian Endowed Chair in the Thought of St. Augustine Dr. James R. Wetzel
Philosophy Department
Heimbold Endowed Chair in Irish Studies 
Mr. Maurice Fitzpatrick
Center for Irish Studies
James R. Birle Endowed Chair in Energy Technology, inaugurated 8/22/2005
Dr. Alfonso Ortega, Mechanical Engineering Department 
Edward A. Daylor Endowed Chair in Civil Engineering
inaugurated 12/14/94
Dr. Bridget Wadzuk
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Robert M. Birmingham Endowed Chair in Humanities
inaugurated 9/17/98
Dr. Judith Giesberg
History Department
Josephine C. Connelly Endowed Chair in Christian Theology
inaugurated 12/2/92
Sr. Ilia Delio, OSF
Theology & Religious Studies Department
David R. Cook Endowed Chair of Philosophy, inaugurated 3/30/93 Dr. William Desmond
Philosophy Department
John F. Connelly Endowed Chair in Management, inaugurated 10/15/98 Dr. Matthew Liberatore
Management and Operations Department
The Robert J. and Mary Ellen Darretta Endowed Chair in Finance, inaugurated 12/7/10 Dr. Michael S. Pagano, Finance Department
The Dennis M. Cook Endowed Gregor Mendel Chair in Genetics, inaugurated June 2013 Dr. Dennis Wykoff
Biology Department
Nance K. Dicciani PhD ’69 Endowed Professor in Chemical Engineering, inaugurated 8/20/2019   Dr. Jacob Elmer, Chemical and Biological Engineering Department
The Harron Family Endowed Chair in Communication, Fall 2019 Dr. Raka Shome
Communication Department
Thomas G. Labrecque Endowed Chair in Business, inaugurated 11/11/99 Dr. Stephen Andriole
Management and Operations Department
Gerald M. Lemole, M.D., Endowed Chair in Integrated Biology
effective 8/22/08
Dr. Aaron Bauer
Biology Department
Luckow Family Endowed Chair in English
inaugurated 11/2/11
Dr. Lisa Sewell
English Department
Moritz Endowed Chair in Systems Engineering
inaugurated 10/5/06
Dr. C. Nataraj
Mechanical Engineering
Diane L. and Robert F. Moritz, Jr. Endowed Chair in Nursing Research
inaugurated 8/2013
Dr. Helene Moriarty
Richard J. and Barbara Naclerio Endowed Chair in Business
inaugurated 11/2006
Dr. Jeremy Kees, Marketing & Business Law
Herbert G. Rammrath Endowed Chair in International Business
inaugurated 4/2007
Dr. Jonathan Doh,
Management and Operations
The Anne Quinn Welsh Endowed Chair and Director of Honors Program inaugurated 5/2012 Dr. Anna Bonta Moreland, Theology

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