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Clinical Trials

Human Subject in Psychology ERP Lab

NIH has issued a new definition of what constitutes a clinical trial. The new definition expands research to be included to virtually any behavioral or biological response to a manipulation or intervention and does not have to include a potential clinical application. The new definition has implications for registering research in as well as publishing results, since thousands of journals now require registration.
Villanova University is committed to providing resources for supporting faculty undertaking Clinical Trial research. In order to clarify these new developments and implications for monitoring, publishing and registering those studies in, ORP is developing a Clinical Trials Working Group.

To be added to the group mailing list or if you need more information please contact the Office of Research Protections or Peter Kaufmann. All are welcome. Advance registration isn't required.

To report compliance issues, call EthicsPoint Hotline toll free 1-955-236-1443.

  • Peter Kaufmann – Associate Dean for Research and Innovation

  • ORP Director; Administrator