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Villanova University Research Fact Sheet

Federal Tax No. (TIN): 23-135-2688

Duns Number:

UEI Number:



Cage Code Number: 6H497
U.S. Congressional District: 5th district, Delaware County, Radnor Township
State House District: 165th
State Senate District: 17th
9 Digit Zip Code: 19085-1603
Animal Welfare Assurance No:

D16-00351 (A3582-01) - Effective 2/20/04

Human Subjects IRB No:  IRB00011435 - Expires 10/25/2022   
Federalwide Assurance No: FWA00011841 - Expires 6/30/2025
Assurances & Certifications

Drug-Free Workplace - YES
Delinquent Federal Debt - NONE
Lobbying with Federal Funds - N/A
Misconduct in Science Filed 1/1/90
Civil Rights - Filed
Debarment and Suspension - Filed
Age Discrimination - Filed


System for Award Management (SAM) Expiration 5/26/22
Indirect Cost Rate and Fringe Benefits:

Effective 6/1/19
Cognizant Federal Agency for Villanova: Dept of Health & Human Services, by Darryl Mayes (phone: 301-492-4855).  Rate agreement for sponsored projects between 6/1/19 to 5/31/23.

Villanova F&A rate using direct salaries and wages as the base:

Effective Period             Rate%         Applicable to:

6/1/2019 - 5/31/2020        49.7%         All programs

6/1/2020 - 5/31/2022        53.5%         All programs

6/1/2022 - 5/31/2023        54.0%         All programs

  • Fringe Benefit Rate:
    • 25.38% for Full Time Employees
    • 7.75% for Part Time Employees (not including students)

Link to agreement

University Representatives:

Authorized Signatory Representatives


Moira McAndrews, Director of Grants & Contracts or Director of Research Protections (dependent on which office has responsibility) 


Contact Information

Research Administration Offices

Middleton Hall Rm 1st
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

Office of Grants & Contracts 

For questions, contact or 610-519-4220.

Office of Research Protections

For IRB, IACUC or IBC questions, contact  or 610-519-4228

To report Compliance Issues call EthicsPoint Hotline toll free 1-855-236-1443 or email