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Academic Catalogs

While this catalog was prepared on the basis of the best information available at the time of publication, all information, including statements of fees, course offerings, admissions, and graduation requirements, is subject to change without notice or obligation.

For listings of our full-time faculty members, please refer to our individual college webpages.

Undergraduate Catalog

2017-2019 UNDERGRAD Course Catalog
* 2013-2014 Full Catalog.pdf
2013-2014 Full Catalog
* 2012-2013Catalog.pdf
2012-2013 Full Catalog
* 2011-2013Catalog.pdf
Full Catalog
* 2010-2011Catalog.pdf
2010-2011 Full Catalog
* 2009-2010Catalog.pdf
2009-2010 Full Catalog
* 2008-2009Catalog.pdf
2008-2009 Full Catalog
* 2007-2008Catalog.pdf
2007-2008 Full Catalog
* 2005-2007Catalog.pdf
2005-2007 Full Catalog
* 2004-2005Catalog.pdf
2004-2005 Full Catalog
* 2003-2004Catalog.pdf
2003-2004 Full Catalog
* 2002-2003Catalog.pdf
2002-2003 Full Catalog
* 2001-2002Catalog.pdf
2001-2002 Full Catalog
* 2000-2001Catalog.pdf
2000-2001 Full Catalog
* 1999-2000Catalog.pdf
1999-2000 Full Catalog
* 1998-1999Catalog.pdf
1998-1999 Full Catalog

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