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Reporting Requirements


Reporting Requirements with Sponsored Awards


Reporting Requirements

As the recipient of sponsored funding from federal and non-federal sources, Villanova University agrees to adhere to the terms and conditions of the award.  This includes all reporting requirements.  The Closeout Policy, in the Villanova Policy Library, establishes the framework for administering the timelines to manage sponsors’ financial and technical reporting requirements.  

Due dates are dictated by the terms and conditions of the award and may require the submission of:

• Technical/scientific/progress reports

• Financial reports

• Invoices/drawdown requests

• Invention/patent report

• Property/equipment inventory report

• Cost share report

• Other reports may be required



By certifying the Cayuse SP record at pre-award, all PIs AND Co-PIs agree to meet all reporting requirements should the proposal be accepted for funding.  By approving the Cayuse SP records at pre-award, Chairs, Deans, and College Finance all agree to ensure that reporting requirements will be met, and all issues of non-compliance will be addressed timely and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the award and/or Villanova policy.  


Risks for Late Reporting

Sponsors can and have taken corrective action when reports are not submitted timely, including:

• Withholding payments

• Disallowing all or part of project costs already incurred

• Suspending or terminating the award

• Withholding increment funding for existing awards

• Delaying issuing any new awards for any named PI and Co-PI – including PI/Co-PIs at other institutions

Egregious behavior could result in a sponsor initiating disbarment proceedings against Villanova University, potentially making VU ineligible for any type of federal funding.

The Office of Grants and Contracts (OG&C) will exercise best judgement about submitting new proposals or signing off on subrecipient commitment forms/statements of intent (SOI) for Investigators who have outstanding reports.  


No-Cost Extensions

A no-cost extension (NCE) is a mechanism to extend the performance period of an award without adding additional funding.  If there is a programmatic need to continue the project AND there are sufficient funds to cover the costs, PIs and Co-PIs should work with OG&C to prepare and submit the NCE notification or request according to sponsor guidelines.


Grantee-approved NCE: OG&C has been granted the authorization by sponsor to extend the end date of the project and notifies sponsor that we have exercised our right to do so.

Sponsor-approved NCE: a request must be submitted to sponsor, in writing and typically by OG&C, to request an extension.

All requests require a scientific/programmatic justification.  A spending plan for the remaining funds may also be required.  Simply having unspent funds remaining at the end of the project period is NEVER an appropriate justification for a no-cost extension.


Questions? Need Help?

All questions about deadlines and the report submission process should be directed to the Office of Grants and Contracts (OG&C).