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Tuition Awards on Sponsored Projects

Tuition awards for Graduate Assistants are a benefit provided by Office of the Provost for Graduate Assistants working on sponsored projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Full indirect cost recovery, or maximum indirect allowed by the sponsor.
  • The student must work 20 hours a week on the sponsored project during the entire term in which tuition is requested (semester or academic year).  Eligibility is verified through the onboarding or EPAF process indicating 100% of the stipend from the grant/sponsored project source(s).

No fees, including late fees, are covered by the tuition award. Student accounts will incur late fees according to the Bursar’s schedule. Tuition remission will not be approved if not received by the following dates:

  • Fall tuition remission requests will not be processed after the second Friday of October
  • Spring tuition remission requests will not be processed after the second Friday of March
  • Summer tuition remission requests will not be processed after June 30

The tuition award will not be granted if any of these criteria are not met. The criteria will not be waived under any circumstances.

Contact Office of the Provost with any questions about eligibility.


Step 1: Students must be successfully onboarded or EPAF accurately completed for payment of GA compensation via sponsored research funding. Faculty should contact their college onboarding specialist for assistance in this process.

Step 2: Once GA onboarding or EPAF has been approved and confirmed, Office of Provost will reach out to colleges/departments to obtain additional tuition-related information for each approved student.

Step 3: Office of Provost will send tuition remission approvals to the Bursar’s Office after all criteria are met and accurate tuition-related information is received.

Roles and Responsibilities

Faculty are responsible for contacting their college onboarding specialist who will assist them with completing the paperwork to onboard a new GA or change the funding of an existing GA to a sponsored award.

The Office of Grants & Contracts (OG&C) approves the GA stipend on the sponsored award to confirm funds are available for the academic term. 

Office of the Provost will set up the tuition award with the Bursar’s Office and answer any questions about eligibility.

NOTE: The inclusion of tuition requests in Cayuse SP records does not guarantee that the tuition award will be made.