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Welcome Research Faculty

The Office of Grants and Contracts (OG&C) works with investigators during submission of sponsored project proposals on behalf of the University. The Office negotiates and executes various types of research agreements, provides sponsored projects education and communication, and assists with proper stewardship of research funds awarded to the University.  Also, OG&C is the only office on campus authorized to commit Villanova in application for sponsored funding.


If faculty plan to submit proposals or enter into contracts for external research with federal agencies (NSF, NIH, NASA, etc.), Private Foundations, or Industry partners, please reach out to OG&C as early as possible. 


The Office of Grants and Contracts will assist faculty in establishing credentials and will provide support for the following essential research administration related systems:


Research Administration System:



Cayuse SP (Sponsored Projects)

A Cayuse SP record is REQUIRED for ALL proposals by Villanova when a budget and/or institutional approval is required by the sponsor.  SP records are created by PIs and routed for review and approval by the Department Chair, Center Director, College Finance Manager, and College Research Dean.  It is important that records be routed with enough time for everyone to give thoughtful reviews and ask for clarification, if needed.

Cayuse 424

A System to System (S2S) tool for preparing and submitting federal grant applications. This program works with most federal sponsors. 

FCOI – Financial Conflict of Interest

Annual disclosure of significant financial interest (SFI) statement disclosing any SFI that may reasonably appear to be related to your Villanova responsibilities. 

Faculty are required to submit their disclosure ANNUALLY and PRIOR to submission of any proposal through Villanova.

CITI Training

Modules for Responsible Conduct of Research, Conflicts of Interest, Human Subject Research (if applicable), and Export Control (if applicable) are necessary for the submission of a proposal from Villanova.  Faculty can create their own accounts to complete required modules.  Click HERE for more info.

Sponsor specific platforms

Individual credentials may be necessary before initiating a proposal to a federal agency such as NIH (eRA Commons),  NSF (, NASA (NSPIRES), etc.




Office of Grants and Contracts

The OG&C staff are here to help. To find out who handles your Department or College, visit the OG&C website or contact our main office at or (610) 519-4220.



Human and Animal Subjects, Biosafety

If your research will involve human or animal subjects or biosafety areas, you may be interested in reaching out to the Office of Research Protections (ORP) at or (610) 519-4228.


Export Controls

Export Controls regulate the shipment or transfer, by whatever means, of controlled items, software, technology, or services out of U.S.  If you anticipate that your research will involve activity of this kind, contact University Compliance: or (610) 519-3976.


Finding Funding Opportunities and Grant Writing Support

Check out our page, Find Funding Opportunities, for an introduction to the resources offered at Villanova. 

In addition to the support provided through your Department and/or College, the Provost’s Office also provides grant writing support to faculty:


Writing Intensive Proposal Workshop – an intensive, hands-on proposal writing workshop for faculty at any career level.  The workshop runs each semester with multiple meetings with topics such as identifying funding opportunities, proposal submission process, building a budget, etc.  Participants will draft a complete proposal over the course of the workshop that will be thoroughly vetted and edited by their workshop peers and a proposal development specialist.  Visit the Provost’s website for more information.


Faculty Writing Assistance – one-on-one consults for projects such as journal articles, proposal review, book chapter editing, etc.  Please visit their website for more information.