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Find Funding Opportunities


There are several resources available to faculty who are looking for opportunities to fund their research.


Falvey Library Guide

Villanova’s Library provides valuable resources for research support for research faculty.  This includes  subject guides, electronic databases, and link.  Resources include links to charitable organizations, and directories to identify sources for grants and foundations. 

Falvey Library Step-by-Step Guide


Federal Funding Opportunities is a “system that provides a centralized location for grant seekers to find and apply for federal funding opportunities.”  This tool allows users to search from over 1,000 different programs using keywords.  Users can also develop customized search profiles which can be delivered directly to them via email.

Access and learn more about the tools offered.


Agency Specific Reporting Sites

What kinds of awards has NIH made recently?  What kinds of projects does NSF support? Check out the agency specific reporting sites to conduct searches by Principal Investigator (PI), Institution, Fiscal Year, Keywords, and more!


Visit Sponsor websites

Are there specific sponsors and funders in which you are interested?  Funders’ websites will usually provide the most up-to-date information regarding both upcoming opportunities, and awards already made.  Visit their websites, and sign up for their listservs. 


How are your Peers funded?

Publications and poster presentations will often acknowledge the funder.  If a funder is interested in the subject matter, it is worth visiting the sponsor’s website to explore future calls for proposals. Viewing your peer’s biosketches or websites can help narrow down your search to relevant sponsors and types of programs that are interested in your research area.


Meet with your Mentor, Department Chair, and Dean

Probably the most useful resource available to faculty is the school leadership – Mentor, Chair, Dean.  Schedule time to talk to them as they have a deeper understanding of your research interests and can guide you towards other resources.  These discussions help investigators understand the department/college’s research vision and mission so that grant efforts are strategically aligned.


Additional College and University Resources

Keith Argue is the Assistant Dean, External Relations, for the College of Engineering.

Patricia H. Eget, PhD, is the Director of Foundation Relations for the University.