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Alternative Proctoring Solutions

Respondus Monitor and Other Technology Solutions

Faculty giving tests and quizzes on Blackboard can set up Respondus Monitor to work in conjunction with Lockdown Browser to provide a more secure testing environment for non-proctored exams. Respondus Monitor records the student test session via webcam and flags suspicious behavior. Faculty can then review the flagged videos or watch the recorded session in its entirety.

Respondus Monitor records the student test-taker via webcam but does not record mouse clicks or screen activity. If you are seeking a solution that captures the student test-taker’s screen, Microsoft Teams or Blackboard Collaborate may provide the non-proctored testing environment needed.

Faculty interested in using these tools should contact or use UNIT’s Self Service Help Desk. Requests should be made as early as possible, at least one week in advance.

Falvey 203

Due to an increase in requests for afterhours exam proctoring, Learning Support Services (LSS) has opened up Falvey 203 for students registered with our office who need space to take an exam between the hours of 5:00 PM-8:00 AM or on the weekends.

Room Specifications

Falvey 203 is a small room located between the LSS office suite and the 2nd floor access to the Dugan Polk Family Reading Room.  It contains a table and three chairs along with white boards, room dividers, and miscellaneous storage items. Wildcard access is granted solely through LSS; Falvey Library staff do not have access to Falvey 203.

Room 203 door tag and swipe access key pad
Inside room 203, includes table, 3 chairs, and white board

Room Reservation Requests


Any current undergraduate or graduate student with a disability who is registered with LSS may submit a request to use Falvey 203 for exam proctoring. Requests for other activities (meetings, study space, etc.) will not be approved.

Room Availability

During the semester, Falvey 203 may be requested for use:

  • Monday- Friday, 5:00 PM-8:00 AM as long as the Learning Commons (2nd floor of Falvey Library) is open.
  • Saturday and Sunday, all day as long as the Learning Commons (2nd floor of Falvey Library) is open EXCEPT for Saturday final exam periods.

Falvey 203 is not available during breaks, holidays, or weather closures.

Making a Request

Students wishing to book Falvey 203 for an afterhours exam should contact at least 3 business days (72 hours) prior to the exam. Reservations are first come, first serve. Students will receive a confirmation email and temporary Wildcard access if the request is approved.

Room Monitoring

LSS staff are not available to proctor, monitor test time, hold or deliver exams or exam instructions, or otherwise communicate with students or professors afterhours. There are four cameras that record from each corner of Falvey 203. No sound is recorded. LSS does not monitor the video feed. If professors wish to view the recording of a student sitting for an exam, they should contact to set up a time to come in to the office.

Falvey 203 provides a quiet space for students to take exams afterhours but does not provide secure proctoring.

Academic Integrity

All Villanova students are required to follow Villanova’s Code of Academic Integrity LSS cannot take responsibility for securing or administering exams afterhours. Falvey 203 should be considered a solution for students needing a quiet space or extended time after the LSS office closes when the professor is having difficulty providing the accommodations. Here are some suggestions to keep the exam as secure as possible:

  • Obtaining the exam. Since LSS will not be administering the exam, professors may consider walking the student over to Falvey 203 with the exam to get them started. Alternatively, professors may consider having the student pick up the exam in the professor’s office.
  • Returning the exam. Professors can give the student an envelope and have them either return the test directly or slide it under the professor’s office door. Another excellent option is to have the student snap a photo of each page of the exam using their phone, email the photos, and then return the paper exam at another time.
  • Problems during the exam. Decide upon a method of communication between a professor and student prior to the start of the exam. It is helpful for professors to include directions for how to communicate/ask questions when giving an exam to a student.
  • Cheating. Emailing a scan or photos of a finished exam by a specific time can assure that a student does not get more time than they are allotted. If a professor is worried about a student accessing the internet or unallowable materials, it is important that this is addressed before a student takes an exam in Falvey 203. Professors are welcome to contact to view the recording of the room during the designated timeframe. LSS does not regularly review recordings of afterhours exams.
Image of LSS Logo, Villanova University Crest with Learning Support Services written underneath

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Student Testimonials

“I can honestly say that the support I received from LSS was key to my success as a student at Villanova and today as an ongoing student of life.”

~ UG Alum, Class of 2021, Mathematics

"LSS has constructively impacted my experience as a learning-disabled student at Villanova. [They] empowered me with the courage to advocate for myself and relinquish some of my pathological anxiety." 

~ UG Alum, Class of 2022 & MA Alum, Class of 2023, Communications

“Working closely with Villanova LSS starting the first week of my freshman year really changed the trajectory of my academic career.”

~ UG Alum, Class of 2022, Psychology

"During my time at Villanova, LSS was the most helpful academic resource available. The LSS team is extremely friendly and are always there to make sure you achieve your academic goals!" 

~ UG Alum, Class of 2023, Mechanical Engineering