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Strategies and Resources for Academic Success

LSS provides support for students who want to develop their skills in time management and organization techniques, study strategies, test taking strategies, how to manage test anxiety, and stress management. Review our study tools videos, workshops, handouts, and other resources for academic success to find tips about how to develop these skills.

Academic Coaching

Students of all abilities, including successful students who want to enhance their academic skills and students who are struggling, will benefit from academic coaching with an LSS staff member. In these one-on-one weekly sessions, we can help you with time management, organization, study techniques, test taking strategies, test anxiety, and more. You can contact or call 610-519-5176 to set up an appointment for an one-on-one academic coaching meeting.

Finding Healthy Ways to Manage Stress

Whether you are a student, professor, procrastinator, or perfectionist, we have all fallen victim to stress at some point in our lives. We may not always recognize it, but stress can have a powerful impact on our mental and physical well-being. Generally, stress is defined as the body’s response to challenging situations. These circumstances are also known as stressors, and they stimulate physiological reactions within the body that can pose a threat to our health.

The best way to combat stress is to refine our stress management and prevention techniques. Oftentimes, these stressors are out of our control and we may not be able to eliminate them completely. However, we do have the power to reduce the resulting stress, take steps to prevent it from worsening, or even address the issue directly at the source.

The important thing to keep in mind when developing stress management techniques is that the effectiveness of the strategy is unique to each situation, stressor and individual. Finding the right strategy for you will involve trial-and-error, exploration and creativity!

Check out our Stress Management Worksheet that outlines a “Three-Step System to Managing Stress in a Healthy Way.”

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Student Testimonials

“I can honestly say that the support I received from LSS was key to my success as a student at Villanova and today as an ongoing student of life.”

~ UG Alum, Class of 2021, Mathematics

"LSS has constructively impacted my experience as a learning-disabled student at Villanova. [They] empowered me with the courage to advocate for myself and relinquish some of my pathological anxiety." 

~ UG Alum, Class of 2022 & MA Alum, Class of 2023, Communications

“Working closely with Villanova LSS starting the first week of my freshman year really changed the trajectory of my academic career.”

~ UG Alum, Class of 2022, Psychology

"During my time at Villanova, LSS was the most helpful academic resource available. The LSS team is extremely friendly and are always there to make sure you achieve your academic goals!" 

~ UG Alum, Class of 2023, Mechanical Engineering