Exterior of the Health Services Building on Villanova's campus.

The Counseling Center is available to help you with personal and emotional concerns.

With a variety of services and resources, the Counseling Center helps students function optimally with regard to emotional, academic, social and psychological issues.



In-person, individual counseling services are available on-campus to all students, graduate and undergraduate. University Counseling Center telehealth appointments with Villanova University counselors may be available on a limited basis with the caveat that clients must be physically located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania under Pennsylvania law.

You may schedule an appointment in any of three ways:

  • Call 610-519-4050 weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Stop by the Counseling Center at our physical location on the Villanova University campus (206 Health Services Building).
  • Submit the above form to receive a call from the Counseling Center to schedule your appointment.

You will be offered an appointment time that works with your class schedule. Appointments are usually available within a week of your request.






For more information on any of the groups listed below, please call us at 610-519-4050 or stop by the University Counseling Center located in the Health Services Building.

Adjustment to College: This weekly group is a space for students to discuss the college experience, explore their emotions, and to offer each other support. The group will support students in building connection with each other and encourage connecting to the larger Villanova community. This group is open to all undergraduate students, but specifically focused on the first-year experience.  This group will be led by Dr. Tedd Riccio at the Counseling Center on Fridays at 1:30.

BIPOC Support: Join us for a safe and supportive space where both undergraduate and graduate BIPOC students come together to share, heal, and thrive. Our group discusses experiences, offers mutual support, and fosters empowerment within our vibrant community. Connect with like-minded individuals who understand your journey. All are welcome as we celebrate diversity. This group will be led by Drs. Kirsten Curtis and Nona Sharp in the SUITE. Day and Time TBD.

DBT Skills: When faced with a problem or intense emotion we typically have four options: solve it, change how we feel about it, radically accept the situation, or be miserable. This series is based on Dialectical Behavior Therapy, which tries to balance the use of acceptance and change oriented skills so we are more effective in our lives as different stressors require different solutions.  We will work towards changing the things we can and accepting the things we cannot change. 

Four skill areas will be covered on rotating basis. Come to as many as you can to deepen your resilience toolbox. 

  • Mindfulness: acceptance skill focused on being more present in our daily lives and riding the waves of emotions with curiosity and without judgment.   
  • Distress Tolerance: acceptance skills to use when emotions are intense so we don’t do things we will regret or that are ineffective. 
  • Emotion Regulation: change oriented skill for becoming friends with our emotions and acting in ways that support our emotions and our goals. 
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: change oriented skill focused on communicating in ways that support our goals (an objective, the relationship or our self respect). 

This group will be led by Dr. Nathalie Edmond at the Counseling Center on select Mondays (9/16, 9/23, 9/30, 10/7) at 3:30. 

First Generation Student Support: "How did you learn to be..." Students will be able to have an opportunity to reflect and raise awareness of the first-generation college student experience and investigate identity by advancing "asset-based national narratives" based on student experiences. Students will also have an opportunity to engage in Celebration Day to deepen community understanding of their respective culture and identity in hopes of deepening the community’s understanding of systemic barriers that exist in higher education and transitive macro society.  This group will be run by Kapil Nayar LPC (Kap) and will be held in The SUITE. Day and time TBD.

Graduate Student Support: This confidential group creates a safe space for graduate-level students to experience stronger emotional connections with others while also working through personal issues that may be unique to being part of a graduate program at Villanova. This group will be led by Drs. Natalie Sheridan and Julia Stein and will meet weekly at the Grad Center in Vasey Hall on Thursdays from 3:30-4:30.

Growth and Change: This group welcomes undergraduates who are navigating a range of transitions, whether managing a breakup, returning to school from studying abroad or a medical or academic leave, or continuing your studies here at Villanova as a transfer student. Change can be challenging while also growth-enhancing.  Come to talk about, reflect on, and learn new ways to navigate a new chapter. This group will be run by Dr. Julia Stein at the Counseling Center on Tuesdays at 4:00 pm.

LGBTQIA+ Support: Finding your place in the LGBTQIA+ community on campus while also managing your emotional well­being with the demands of college life can feel overwhelming. This therapist-led group will provide a confidential, supportive, and affirming environment where LGBTQIA+ students can connect with one another, share their common experiences and challenges, and explore emotions related to their experiences. This group will be led by Dr. Victoria Ostroff at the Counseling Center. Day and time TBD.

Loss of a Loved One: Grief is a universal emotion, in that we will all experience it at some point in life, but it can be especially hard to lose someone significant in college. This group is for students who have experienced the death of a loved one and are looking for support around the grieving process.  This group will be led by Dr. Candice Post and Dr. Alexandra Zappala at the Counseling Center. Day and time TBD.

Roadmaps for Life Transitions: This 5-session course will offer tools to assess your values and consider ways to bring your life choices more in line with these values; build and enhance positive relationships in school, work, and in your personal life; and navigate life transitions and challenges more effectively.  This may be particularly useful for students navigating transitions, like adjusting to college, returning from study abroad, or preparation for graduation. This course will be led by Dr. Julia Stein at the Counseling Center on Tuesdays at 4:00 pm.

Substance Use and Recovery: This group is for students who are either interested or active in recovery from substance use. Group will be led by Sean Dinan, LSW, and will meet on Friday afternoons at the Counseling Center.





Take advantage of our online library of easily accessible virtual pamphlets on a variety of topics surrounding mental and physical health and well-being, including:


We would love to hear your feedback. Please offer suggestions for the University Counseling Center using this survey. All suggestions are anonymous and are periodically reviewed by the Director of the Counseling Center.

The University Counseling Center is located in Health Services Building Room 206.
The building is located at the main entrance to campus, from Ithan Avenue, across from the Pavilion and the Business School.




Contact the Counseling Center at 610-519-4050 to schedule an appointment.

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