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The Campus Ministry Graduate Internship program trains students to model Christian living and build Christian community in first year student residence halls. In exchange for their service, Villanova offers interns the opportunity to complete a Master’s Degree and a Certificate in Pastoral Ministry Program. In this way,  academic studies will strengthen and enhance the practical training in the ministerial context of Campus Ministry.

Interns live in a first year residence hall and spend 20 hours per week in ministry work. Interns are responsible for developing opportunities for undergraduate students to grow holistically through participating in liturgy, service, social justice work, retreats, and reflection.

Interns enroll in the combined MA/CERT and Campus Ministry Internship degree program. We consider applicants seeking enrollment in another graduate program on an individual basis. For more information, please contact the Director of Pastoral Ministry Education and Internship, Dr. Joyce A. Zavarich, at or (610) 519-4484.


The Center for Pastoral Educationadministers an integrative and interdisciplinary Graduate Internship Program. It responds to the growing need to serve the Church by educating the people of God and training leaders through rigorous theological and ministerial education.

The program offers a community of support, education, and engagement in pastoral ministry and theological knowledge with an emphasis on the union of the mind and heart. As Augustine put it, theological knowing is “understanding what we believe,” that is, as a critical, systematic reflection on the life of faith.  

Our Campus Ministry Graduate Internship Program is distinctive in that it formulates and advances ministry within the Augustinian tradition, and does so in unique ways of structuring education within the context of Campus Ministry. It:

  • is inclusive of all dimensions of faith, worship, and human experience, that is, of theory and praxis, or learning and service;
  • places ministry in dialogue with theology and counseling and theology in dialogue with ministry and counseling;
  • reflects on Christian faith and practice and develops new possibilities for Christian experience; and
  • emphasizes the ministerial contextualization of “faith seeking understanding.”

Enriching Christian service and enhancing discipleship, the program advances a distinctive, Villanova way of "doing theology" on campus.

  • To offer an education in the Augustinian Tradition that advances ministerial education in the U.S.A. and serves the Church;
  • To model the Augustinian way of knowing, which is (a) a journey seeking truth (veritas); (b) a dialogue with learners different from ourselves (unitas); and (c) a transformational wholeheartedness (caritas) that serves (ministers to) others;
  • To combine academic studies in Theology, Pastoral Ministry, and Counseling with practical training and experience in ministerial contexts;
  • To advance the relationship between theological knowing and ministerial expression of that knowledge from interdisciplinary perspectives (theology, ministry, and counseling);
  • To integrate contemporary thought, experience, and method in course work and ministerial practice;
  • To promote in theory and practice the growth of the whole person; and
  • To prepare graduates to become competent, responsible, knowledgeable, and effective ministers, educators, and leaders in the Church and the world.

Villanova University provides each Intern the following:

Room and Board (meal plan is not provided during the summer months).

Tuition remission for all course work in fulfillment of a graduate degree program and the Certificate in Pastoral Ministry program.

An annual stipend of $8,800 in nine equal payment beginning the end of August.

Please note:

Fulfillment of the requirements of the Internship Program (including four semesters of ministerial work, excluding summers) is prerequisite to receiving the Master’s Degree and the Certificate in Pastoral Ministry.

We require all students to have health insurance which provides basic medical benefits, while enrolled at Villanova University. The Campus Ministry Graduate Internship package does not provide health insurance for Interns, but a health insurance plan is available through Villanova’s Division of Student Life.

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In the spirit of St. Augustine, who urged his followers to search for God together, consider this reflection on Sunday’s Gospel. Jesus addresses himself to the Pharisees as the Good Shepherd, one who intimately knows each of his sheep by name and they know him. He will even go as far as lay down his own life for his sheep. How comforting it is to know that God is always near to us and will protect us. However, Jesus presents us with a challenge when he goes further to say, “I have other sheep that do not belong to this fold. These also I must lead, and they will hear my voice, and there will be one flock, one shepherd.” Jesus is reminding us that we are also called to be shepherds, to reach out and share God’s love with those who find themselves on the outskirts. How can we overcome or let go of our own desires to fit in or be admired and instead reach out and welcome those who find themselves excluded, today?

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