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Campus Ministry Graduate Internship Program

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About the Program

The Campus Ministry Graduate Internship trains young adults to serve the Church through a rigorous and integrated program of theological and ministerial education and formation. It combines a masters degree in Theology (or possibly in another discipline) with a Certificate in Pastoral Ministry. The Certificate portion of the degree includes ongoing, supervised practicum experience. Our Campus Ministry Interns (CMIs) live in first-year or second-year residence halls and develop opportunities for undergraduate students to grow holistically through participation in liturgy, service, social justice work, retreats and shared reflection. This residential ministry work serves as the practicum component of the Certificate in Pastoral Ministry. The degree program (MA+Certificate) and the internship are carefully integrated through an established partnership between Campus Ministry and the Department of Theology and Religious Studies. The integration of these two components enables the students' academic coursework to strengthen their practical training, and their ministerial internship experience to focus and guide their theological study.

Graduate Internship Application

Each CMI engages in some shared ministerial roles geared specifically to first-year students.  These include, working with student leaders to plan and implement our Escape Retreats, as well as facilitating a weekly sharing group in his or her residence hall.  Each CMI also advises a Service and Justice (Alternative Break) Experience once each semester.

Villanova's Graduate Internship program is unique, however, in that, in addition to these basic ministerial requirements, each CMI is also encouraged to explore the possibility of choosing a more specialized ministerial placement within Campus Ministry or within the broader umbrella of our Office for Mission and Ministry.  Such placements allow the intern to be mentored by an experienced minister in a particular area of ministry, such as liturgy, ecumenical and interfaith outreach, peace and justice education, social justice advocacy, Hispanic outreach, local service programing, etc.  Opportunities also exist for a specialized placement within local parishes.

These specialized ministerial placements involve 3-5 hours/week which make up a portion of the intern's overall ministerial commitment of 20 hours/week.

Program Details

The Campus Ministry Graduate Internship:

  • Prepares future lay ministers for theologically grounded and pastorally sensitive service within Catholic and other Christian churches
  • Formulates and advances ministry within the Augustinian tradition of coming to know God through love of others and the fostering of authentic community
  • Is inclusive of all dimensions of faith, worship, and the human experience

  • Places ministry, theology, and pastoral counseling in dialogue with one another as reciprocal and interpendent disciplines

  • Guides ministers to reflect attentively on Christian faith and practice in light of their own experience and that of the various communities they serve

  • Fosters a recognition of the necessary ministerial context for engaging in “faith seeking understanding”

  • An undergraduate degree (3.0 min GPA)
  • Minimum of one year of post undergraduate work/service experience
  • Admission into a graduate degree program at Villanova; prefence is given to applicants to the MA in Theology program; applicants to other graduate programs in the College of Arts and Sciences will be considered on an individual basis
  • A proficeincy in articulating a desire to grow in a ministerial identity
  • The desire and competency to live as a minister in an undergraduate residence hall and to work with first-year students

General Program Requirements

  • If admitted into the masters program in Theology, student must enroll in the combined MA+Certificate in Pastoral Ministry degree program and maintain good academic standing
  • If admitted into a graduate program in another department, student must enroll in the Certificate in Pastoral Ministry
  • Live in a first-year residence hall
  • Spend 20 hr/wk in ministry work
  • Utilize your gifts/ expertise in service of Campus Ministry over two academic years
  • Participate in staff meetings, intern group meetings, practicim and program supervision, as well as supervision with the Counseling Center
  • Attend Residence Life area and building meetings when possible and work collaboratively with Residence Life staff

Ministerial Program Requirements

  • Engage in an ongoing process of discerment of your gifts and ministerial vocation with the support of the Campus Ministry staff and your peers
  • Advise a Service and Justice (Alternative Break) Experience once each semester
  • Plan and implement Freshman Escape Retreats
  • Create and facilitate a weekly small group sharing ("Get Real") in one of the residence halls
  • Invite and encourage students to accompany you to Sunday evening liturgy and other Campus Ministry prayer opportunities
  • Attend all University-wide liturgies
  • Invite & encourage students to attend other University events such as Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, Religious Diversity Day, Special Olympics, and St. Thomas of Villanova Day of Service
  • With the help of the program director, seek out a specific ministerial placement within the Office of Mission and Ministry to develop further your ministerial skills and knowledge

Applications are now being accepted for admission into the Internship Program in the Fall of 2017. The application deadline is February 1, 2017.

Late applications will be considered on an individual basis, space permitting.

Applicants must be accepted into a master’s degree program at Villanova before being considered for the internship program.  However the application process to the internship program and the graduate degree program should be concurrent.  

All application and admission information for the degree and certificate programs in Theology, which include both the Combined MA+Certificate in Pastoral Ministry (42 credits), as well as the Certificate in Pastoral Ministry (18 credits), can be found through the Graduate Program in Theology.

If you are applying to the Campus Ministry Internship Program as a an applicant to a degree program in another department, then you need to follow the application and admissions requirements established by that department. AND you must also apply to the Certificate in Pastoral Ministry.

When completing your graduate Theology application (whether you are applying to the combined MA+Certificate or only to the Certificate), the graduate application form will promt applicants to indicate that they would also like to apply to the Campus Ministry Internship Program.  The graduate application will take you to a short Internship application form that can be submitted online.

Villanova University provides the following to each intern:

  • Ongoing academic support, spiritual and theological formation, and ministerial supervision throughout the entirety of the program
  • Room and board for a total of 4 (Fall and Spring) semesters
  • Room for 1 summer semester for interns that elect to take some of their courses during the summer before Year 1 or the summer between Years 1 and 2 (Taking at least 1 or 2 summer courses is strongly encouraged)
  • Full tuition remission for all course work (42 graduate credits) in fulfillment of the M.A. in Theology + Certificate in Pastoral Ministry degree program (For interns in a degree program other than Theology, the program will only cover tuition for a maximum of 42 graduate credits)
  • A generous annual stipend to cover the cost of books and living expenses (the annual stipend amount for 2016/2017 was $10,300)


Program Director

John P. Edwards, PhD
[610] 519-3507
St. Rita Hall 105

Assistant Director

Rev. Joseph Calderone, OSA, EdD
[610] 519-7477
St. Rita Hall 104