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Make Justice Your Goal

Word Advocacy in cap, colorful letters against white brick wall

Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week

In this annual event, which began at Villanova in 1975, the Villanova community discusses the root causes of poverty, especially food insecurity and homelessness.

We raise awareness through education, show solidarity with those who are hungry and homeless, take immediate actions, and advocate for broader, long-term solutions that address systemic causes.

Learn more about HHAW.

Advocacy Week

Hosted by the Center for Peace and Justice Education’s student engagement and leadership formation programing. 

Established in 2010, this annual event highlights the importance of advocacy in transforming the economic, social and political issues that concern us. The inspiration for Advocacy Week is to empower Villanovans to form a network of advocates and activists to effect social change. 

We invite classes, clubs, teams, groups and individuals to "Use Their Voice" and sponsor a petition, letter-writing campaign or other event aimed at a specific issue relevant to their interests or work.

Questions? Contact Villanova Advocacy.

Habitat for Humanity Logo

Act! Speak! Build! Week

Building alone cannot provide shelter for the 1.6 billion people who live in poverty housing. Act! Speak! Build! Week expands the scope of Habitat’s mission from raising a hammer and raising funds to also raising your voice. Our Campus Chapter of Habitat for Humanity takes part in this week of education and action every spring. Contact the Habitat Eboard to learn more.