Theology professor talking to a student in front of a fountain on a spring day

The Department of Theology and Religious Studies invites students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels to experience Villanova’s Augustinian heritage: a faith engaging culture approach that integrates the mind and heart in the service of the church and the world.

We have scholars who explore how religion influences the way we spend money, vote in national elections, and support philanthropic causes. Others study the fine lineaments of liturgy, medieval mysticism, God, papal history, science and religion, the “spiritual but not religious” movement, world religions, Christian environmental ethics, religious education, the interconnections among culture, religion, film and theology, Church architecture, race and racism, political theology, the abuse crisis in the Church – and these only scratch the surface of the many offerings from our faculty.

Our faculty have won prestigious teaching awards; are internationally and nationally recognized for their erudition; and are prolific contributors to popular publications at the cutting edge of important cultural and religious conversations.

Whether your interests are popular or obscure, your goals professional or personal, your aspirations to have your professional success celebrated on the cover of a magazine or become a leader in the urban renewal movement, or to retreat into the solace of a desert monastery or convent, we will make your study of theology and religion relevant, meaningful, and applicable to your life goals. Contact us to talk about your interests, our community of learners, and how we can fruitfully explore the world of God together!

What if faith and culture could impact the world today?

Department of Theology and Religious Studies
800 E. Lancaster Ave.
St. Augustine Center Room 203
Villanova, PA 19085

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