Business Analytics

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The Business Analytics minor was developed through input and interviews of individuals from organizations that use data, statistical and quantitative analysis, exploratory and predictive models, and fact-based management to drive decisions and actions. Students who pursue the minor will have an understanding of the major components of business analytics, including: business intelligence, business performance management, and business analytics tools such as statstical analysis and data mining.

A minor in Business Analytics provides students with strong analytical skills and the ability to develop business analytics solutions that can improve business performance.  Students with these skills are in high demand across a variety of sectors within firms, including marketing, finance, operations, and information systems, as well as in the IT and consulting sectors. An understanding of business analytics will add value to any student’s major field of study as analytics becomes an critical function. An increasing number of career opportunities involves analytics. Internships are available to increase students’ understanding of analytics and how to put these ideas and methods into action.

The Center for Business Analytics promotes education, research, and practice using analytics, business intelligence, performance management, and process management.  The center supports curricular development and promotes best practices through a lecture series, roundtable sessions, conferences, and executive workshops.

Co-Major Requirements

Required Co-Major Courses

 two of the following courses:

3 cr. from MIS 3050 (CRM & Data Analytics) or MIS 2030 (Database Management)

Please note: Only one (1) course out of the 5 required co-major courses may “double dip” to also fulfill another VSB major or minor requirement.

Minor Requirements


Required Minor Courses

Plus 3 cr. BUSA option course choosing from:


Plus one of the following:

Please note: Only one course out of the 3 Business Analytics minor courses may “double dip” to also fulfill another VSB major or minor requirement.