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Purpose of the Math Learning Resource Center (MLRC)

The purpose of the MLRC is to provide Villanova students with a place to go and be in a mathematical environment. This environment will enable them to work together on group projects, study independently and get help with their freshman and sophomore level math courses.

If a student needs to refresh themselves with some high school level math topics the MLRC can provide the resources to do just that. Students are encouraged to use the MLRC regularly as part of their study process.


The following compilations of Web links, are designed to help you better make use of your time on the Department of Mathematics Web site. We hope you find these resources useful as you navigate your way through the our site. Thank you for visiting.




Please also check out the Helpful Links page.

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Lillian Lieber (1886-1986), American mathematician (Russian immigrant from Ukraine as a child) and popular mathematics writer who used mathematics in defense of positive human values (see the essays 2018 and 2017 by woman science writer Maria Popova), with whimsical drawings by her husband Hugh to illustrate her points.