Faculty in the department are active in theoretical and applied research in both Mathematics and Statistics, often in collaboration with colleagues from other departments and other universities. 


Faculty Research Interests

  • Dr. Paul Bernhardt - Missing Data, Joint Models, Censored Data Analysis
  • Dr. Peter Chi - Biostatistics, Statistical Genetics, Phylogenetic Inference, Computational Molecular Evolution
  • Dr. Nathan Corwin - Geometric Group Theory, Combinatorial Group Theory
  • Dr. Alexander Diaz-Lopez - Algebra, Coxeter Groups, Algebraic Combinatorics
  • Dr. Timothy Feeman - Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, Applied Linear Algebra
  • Dr. Jesse Frey - Order Statistics, Nonparametric Statistics, Mathematical Statistics, Sampling
  • Dr. Melissa Fuentes - Extremal Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Probabilistic Combinatoric
  • Dr. Alan Gluchoff - Functional Analysis, Complex Variables, History of Mathematics
  • Dr. Jiangtao Gou - Experimental Design, Clinical Trials, Data Mining, Statistical Computing
  • Dr. Kathryn Haymaker - Error-correcting Codes, Codes for Storage Applications, Applied Discrete Mathematics
  • Dr. Robert Jantzen - General Relativity, Applications of Lie Groups, Differential Geometry
  • Dr. Vikram Kamat - Extremal Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Theoretical Computer Science
  • Dr. Amanda Knecht - Algebraic Geometry, Arithmetic Geometry
  • Dr. Michael Levitan - Probability, Markov Processes, Statistics
  • Dr. Osvaldo Marrero - Combinatorics; Probability; Statistics, Bayesian and frequentist; Stochastic Processes
  • Dr. Kaitlyn Muller - Applied Mathematics, Inverse Problems, Radar Imaging, Signal Processing, Estimation and Detection Theory
  • Dr. Peter Muller - Applied Mathematics, Inverse Problems, Medical Imaging, Mathematical Modeling
  • Dr. Douglas Norton - Dynamical Systems, Modeling in the Life Sciences, Math and the Arts 
  • Dr. Paul Pasles - Number Theory, Modular Forms, History of Mathematics
  • Dr. Bruce Pollack-Johnson - Operations Research, Project Scheduling, Forecasting, Educational Systems, Math & Social Justice, Analytics
  • Dr. Michael Posner - Statistics Education Research, Biostatistics, Causal Inference, Statistics and the Law, Data Science
  • Dr. Robert Styer - Elementary Number Theory, Exponential Diophantine Equations
  • Dr. Michael Tait - Extremal Graph Theory, Spectral Graph Theory, Combinatorial Number Theory 
  • Dr. Klaus Volpert -  Financial Mathematics, Income Inequality 
  • Dr. Le Wang - Two-Phase Efficient Sampling Methods, Missing Data, Genetic Association Studies, Biostatistics
  • Dr. Andrew Woldar - Group Theory, Representation Theory, Graph theory, Algebraic Combinatorics, Extremal Combinatorics
  • Dr. Yimin Zhang - Inference on Ranked Set Sampling, Multiple Comparisons, Predictive Modeling


  • Dr. Nathan Corwin
  • Dr. Alexander Diaz-Lopez
  • Dr. Amanda Knecht
  • Dr. Andrew Woldar


  • Dr. Timothy Feeman
  • Dr. Alan Gluchoff
  • Dr. Kaitlyn Muller
  • Dr. Peter Muller

Applied Mathematics

  • Dr. Kathryn Haymaker
  • Dr. Kaitlyn Muller
  • Dr. Peter Muller
  • Dr. Douglas Norton
  • Dr. Bruce Pollack-Johnson


  • Dr. Paul Bernhardt
  • Dr. Peter Chi
  • Dr. Jiangtao Gou
  • Dr. Michael Posner
  • Dr. Le Wang

Discrete Mathematics/Combinatorics

  • Dr. Nathan Corwin
  • Dr. Alexander Diaz-Lopez
  • Dr. Melissa Fuentes
  • Dr. Kathryn Haymaker
  • Dr. Vikram Kamat
  • Dr. Michael Tait
  • Dr. Andrew Woldar

History of Mathematics

  • Dr. Alan Gluchoff
  • Dr. Paul Pasles

Number Theory

  • Dr. Amanda Knecht
  • Dr. Paul Pasles
  • Dr. Robert Styer


  • Dr. Paul Bernhardt
  • Dr. Jesse Frey
  • Dr. Jiangtao Gou
  • Dr. Michael Levitan
  • Dr. Osvaldo Marrero
  • Dr. Michael Posner
  • Dr. Yimin Zhang

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