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November 23, 2020

Dear Student,

With Thanksgiving almost here and the end of the semester quickly approaching, I want to share some important reminders and encourage you to take advantage of the valuable resources offered by Villanova as you continue to prepare for finals and winter break.

Self-Caritas: Physical Health, Mental Health and Well-Being Resources

We are aware of the difficulties faced by students, their families and the Villanova community as we all continue to cope with this pandemic. The University offers many resources to support mental and physical health and overall well-being. We encourage you to take a look at the online tools linked on these sites and use them to engage in self-care:

Additionally, an online module, “Mental Health Well-Being,” provides information, strategies and practical tools to deal with the challenges of day-to-day life, anxiety and stressors.

As a response to these stresses, we are developing a webpage—called Self-Caritas—that will compile the many physical health, mental health and well-being options for students to utilize year-round. The site will also highlight programs offered in the new year that focus on mental health and well-being. Details and more information will be available shortly.


As noted in my October email, Thanksgiving weekend will have a more academic focus than usual this year, with finals occurring from Nov. 30 to Dec. 5. Please contact professors, academic advisers or Learning Support Services staff if you need help in planning how to successfully manage the end of the semester and final exams.

Returning to Villanova in January and COVID-19 Testing

Undergraduate classes are scheduled to begin on Monday, Jan. 25, 2021. Graduate, Law and other programs vary in their start dates. Please check the Academic Calendar for details.

We plan to offer a COVID-19 testing program for students, faculty and staff returning to campus in January. Our medical team is evaluating options and developments, as well as monitoring CDC, state and local public health guidelines, to help ensure a safe and healthy start to the spring semester. More information on testing will be available no later than the week of Jan. 11. Prior to returning to campus in January, students should anticipate engaging in a 14-day quarantine at home, just as we encouraged in August.

I also want to remind students that you should not return to Villanova during the semester break once you have traveled home. With COVID-19 cases rising across the country and reduced numbers of staff on campus, in-person resources for students will be limited during this time. Please reach out via email to contact any Villanova faculty, staff or departments that you may need over Winter Break.

Finally, please continue to visit the COVID-19 campus website for detailed information and updates relating to University COVID-19 policies.

I want to offer my sincere gratitude to everyone who has helped Villanova manage this highly unusual year with grace and determination. Thank you for putting Community First throughout the semester.



Rev. John P. Stack, OSA
Vice President for Student Life

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