Villanova's Return to Campus Plan

Villanova’s Fall 2020 semester will be in person and on-campus, but it will be unlike any in our 178-year history. It will look different, it will feel different and how we do things will be different. However, what's unchanged is our commitment to you—the members of the Villanova community—and to making Villanova a special place to learn, live and work.



COVID-19 has touched every part of our University, and Villanova affirms that as a diverse and inclusive community, we must support and respect all individuals who are impacted by it. Our Augustinian Catholic mission calls us to care for all people and honor our enduring commitments to the common good. Our pursuit of truth leaves absolutely no room for harboring stereotypes or prejudice. We denounce any such attitudes and behaviors, and urge all Villanovans to treat others with respect, care and empathy.


Guide for Returning to Campus

Health and Safety Plan