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Villanova creates and promotes numerous resources and publications to help students and families stay informed and up to date about campus happenings. Below are selected resources to help get you started.

Parent and Family Connection 

Parent and Family Connection is designed to keep students and their families engaged—supporting personal growth and offering chances to create meaningful connections through shared experiences.

First Year Focus 

First Year Focus is a monthly newsletter curated specifically for Villanova’s first year families that contains information specific to your needs and interests. It’s our intention that this piece will further connect you to the things your Wildcat is experiencing on campus, the lingo and traditions you may be hearing about, and opportunities for you to connect with Villanova in your home community.

Off-Campus Living

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Villanova fosters a community of mutual love and respect that extends beyond the physical bounds of our campus borders. The Off-Campus Living website provides information about local amenities and services, educates students on pertinent university policies, local ordinances and laws, and encourages the community to create a positive impact for themselves and others.

Student Handbook and Code of Conduct

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Historically known as the “Blue Book”, this publication is the official student handbook for Villanova University. The policies are maintained and enforced by the Division of Student Life.

Transitions: A First-Year Family's Guide to Villanova

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Our Transitions Handbook is intended as an informal guide rather than a definitive statement to help explain Villanova policies and aid in areas that can become concerning to families.

University President's Report

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The President's Report, which serves as the University's annual report, showcases major highlights of the past year and often includes a section focusing on a particular aspect of the institution.

The Villanovan

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The Villanovan has been the official student newspaper of the University since 1916 and is the newspaper of record for the institution. The University owns The Villanovan, though subscribes to the principle of responsible freedom of expression for the student editors. The Villanovan, which has an average weekly circulation of over 1,500 physical copies, also produces two special edition publications per year: a new student orientation magazine and a basketball preview magazine.

Villanova Magazine

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Villanova Magazine, written and edited by the staff of the Office of University Communications and Marketing, is published twice a year and gives an in-depth glimpse into up-to-date happenings around Villanova.


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New Student Orientation sends weekly emails throughout the summer to keep incoming students updated on important information and help prepare for arrival on campus in August. These emails will include upcoming deadlines and details about campus opportunities.  


Campus Resources
Villanova has numerous resources to assist your child during their time at the University. Below are selected departments that are frequently visited by family members.

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