Ribbon cutting ceremony

There are numerous ways to get involved with engagement and philanthropy as a member of the Villanova community. We welcome opportunities to introduce our parents and family members to enhance the student experience.

Advisor and student networking

Because of their breadth of experience, many parents are in a position to become vital resources to the University. The Office of University Advancement and Villanova Parent Engagement and Philanthropy has successfully partnered with families to provide networking opportunities for our students, share the Villanova story and bring in new levels of financial support to secure Villanova’s future. There are many ways to assist, so please don't hesitate to reach out.




Our Strategic Plan sets the guiding aspirations for the next chapter in Villanova’s storied history. It asks the Villanova community to come together in support of what we know our University can achieve as a dynamic academic institution. It calls upon Villanovans to do what we do best—take on a challenge together, fueled by common goals and shared beliefs.



Campus Resources
Villanova has numerous resources to assist your child during their time at the University. Below are selected departments that are frequently visited by family members.

Villanova Uniersity entryway