Selection Process Overview


Rising Seniors complete an online housing application between October 16th and November 3rd, 2023. 

  • Students who fail to submit a housing application during this period will NOT be eligible for the 2024-2025 Senior Lottery. 


Rising Seniors who complete the housing application will be entered into a housing lottery. Students will be notified of their lottery status in November. 

  • Those approved for on- campus housing will proceed to Step 3. 
  • Those not approved will be placed on a waitlist. We cannot guarantee if/when a student will be approved from the waitlist. With this in mind, we highly recommend identifying off-campus housing


Approved Seniors will receive a housing selection time in January. Students will then be able to choose their housing assignment online during their designated selection time between February 5th-9th.

  • Approved Seniors who do not choose a housing assignment during the designated selection period will forfeit their right to on-campus housing. 


Housing selection times and the housing application are available at www.housing.villanova.edu




Housing Selection Process

Please contact the Office for Residence Life if you have any questions during the Housing Selection process.

Phone: 610-519-4155
Email: residencelife@villanova.edu
In-Person: Stanford Hall, Ground Floor

1. Go to www.housing.villanova.edu and login.  

2. Click on the “2024-2025 Housing Application” link.

  • Do not complete a housing application if you plan to move off-campus. If you choose to move off-campus after selecting on-campus housing, please contact The Office for Residence Life. 

3. Enter your personal details when prompted. Click "Save & Continue."

4. Indicate whether you are seeking housing accommodations and/or an emotional support animal. 

  • Students seeking housing accommodations must be registered with the Office of Disability Services. This registration will need to be renewed on a yearly basis. 

5. Fill out the "Lifestyle Questionnaire" and proceed to "Housing Agreement."

6. Read the "Housing Agreement," enter your full 8-digit student ID, and click "I Agree."

  • After clicking "I Agree," you will see the "Housing Agreement Signed" page. Click "Save & Continue." 

Students who fail to complete the process outlined above, will NOT be eligible for On-Campus Housing. 

Roommate Selection Page will become available on November 13th, 2023 for Rising Seniors.

  • Note- Students will only be able to live with other students who are approved through the Rising Senior Lottery. Approved students cannot pull in non-approved students. Furthermore, if an approved student later decides to move off-campus or change housing assignments, approved students cannot pull a friend off of the waitlist. 

Computer-generated, random selection times will be available on Tuesday, January 16, 2024, after 1 p.m. at www.housing.villanova.edu. Separate selection times are generated for male and female students.

Factors such as previous housing assignment, assignment to a converted triple room, roommate concerns, academic standing, facilities concerns, participation in special activities, or other factors are not considered when generating selection times.

1.      Beginning February 5th, 2024, approved seniors will be able to choose their housing assignment at their designated housing selection time at www.housing.villanova.edu.

2.      Please click the “Select Room” link. This link will not be live until your designated selection time. The student with the earliest selection time will be able to select housing for roommates.

3.      Confirm your roommate(s) by checking the box.

4.      Select a residence hall from the drop-down list.

5.      Select the type of room that you would like to live in from the drop-down list, then click “Search”.

6.      A list of available rooms will appear that meet your criteria for your gender and will accommodate the size of your group. If there are no rooms available that meet your criteria, please select another building to generate a new list of options.

7.      Select your room from the list of available rooms. If no available rooms can accommodate your group, you have the option to:

  • Search for a new room with your roommate. Please be sure to check the box identifying your roommate again.
  • Deselect a roommate and secure housing as a smaller group.
  • Deselect a roommate and secure housing as an individual.

Your deselected roommates can still secure their own housing at their selection times. Roommate groups, especially those with later selection times, should discuss this possibility before selecting housing.

8.      A page will appear with the room that you selected. Please click “Select This Room” to confirm your selection. A confirmation page will appear identifying your housing assignment.

IMPORTANT: Please click on your room to confirm your roommate has also been assigned to the room. A page with your housing and roommate information should appear.

9.      Your “My Housing” homepage and your roommate’s “My Housing” homepage will now list your new room assignment. Students may update their housing assignments until the end of the housing selection process on January 26th. If you wish to make changes after making your initial selection or if your roommate’s information is not confirmed, please contact the Office for Residence Life.

Students can only occupy one housing assignment at a time. If you select a new room, your old room will revert back to the available pool and could be selected by another student.



Frequently Asked Questions

NO. Every student will need to individually apply for the senior housing lottery. 

  • In years past, students were given the option to apply to the lottery in groups of 2, 3, or 4. However, as of the 2024-2025 Senior Housing Lottery, this is no longer the process. 

Students will receive their lottery status in November. After this point, students will be responsible for identifying preferred roommates who were also approved through the Senior Housing Lottery.

  • In the housing portal, all parties must "confirm" one another as preferred roommates.
  • A "group leader" will select the desired housing assignment and pull in all confirmed parties.

Approved students will NOT be able to pull other students from the waitlist. 

Any changes to roommate preferences will need to be made prior to the first day of Senior Housing Selection. To make changes after this date, please email residencelife@villanova.edu.

  • If you are making changes to your roommate preferences, please make sure that your new preferred roommates are also eligible to participate in selection/lottery

NO. Residence Life does not allow any student the ability to hold a vacancy in their room for any reason. 

  • For example: if during the actual selection process a group of three seniors places themselves into an apartment, that fourth space will not be held. Another senior looking to select housing as a single can place themselves in that room. That senior will have priority in filling that space.

If you and your roommates do not select a housing assignment at your designated housing time, you will still have until the selection portal closes to select your assignment. If you do not select your housing by the end of Senior Housing Selection, you will forfeit your space on campus for the upcoming academic year.

  • Residence Life will offer those spaces to Rising Seniors on the waiting list.

We would recommend that you still apply for the lottery. If you make it through the lottery and into the selection process, you will then need to decide what you would like to do.

  • If you do not wish to live on campus, then DO NOT select an assignment at your housing time. 
  • For those students who select an assignment and then wish to cancel later, please reach out to the Office for Residence Life. 

After all upperclassmen have selected their housing assignment, the Office for Residence Life will evaluate the number of vacancies available (if any).

  • We will continue to monitor the waiting lists throughout the school year and the summer leading up to the fall semester. We will offer spaces as they become available. 
  • The Office for Residence Life will send an email if a vacancy becomes available. If you have not received additional communication, then there are no vacancies available at this time. 
  • Due to the limited space available on campus, we cannot guarantee if/when students may be approved from the waitlist. With this in mind, we highly recommend waitlisted students identify off-campus housing.

Financial aid packages do not guarantee students four years of on-campus housing. All rising seniors are required to go through the Senior Housing Lottery. 

  • Your financial aid package can be applied to off-campus housing. For more information, please reach out to the Office of Financial Assistance and/or Bursar's Office.