Find step-by-step instructions for incoming first-year students to apply for on-campus housing.

New resident students admitted to the University via Early Decision I who submit their Admissions Deposit by Monday, January 8, 2024, will be able to access, complete and submit the online First-Year Housing Application between Tuesday, April 2, and Friday, May 31, 2024. 

New resident students admitted to the University via the Early Action, Early Decision II and Regular Decision processes will be able to access, complete and submit the online First-Year Housing Application between Monday, May 6, and Friday, May 31, 2024.

If you submit your admission deposit on Wednesday, April 24 or later, you will need to wait three (3) business days to be able to access the housing application.

Students will have the opportunity to express interest in participating in the Communitas Learning Community and apply to a theme as part of the Housing Application. 


Selection of a preferred roommate(s) is optional. This process is for students who have someone they know and with whom they would like to live. Residence Life will make a reasonable effort to accommodate preferred roommate requests. 

  • Your preferred roommate(s) must have been admitted to the University as a Resident Student and have paid their Admission Deposit.
  • Interest in residing together must be mutual, and both students must identify each other on the Housing Application. 
  • Students will have the ability to identify a preferred roommate(s) on the Housing Application between May 13 and May 31, 2024.
    • If a student wishes to add a preferred roommate(s) after submitting their housing application, they may edit their Housing Application in the Housing Portal until May 31. Requests received after May 31, 2024 may not be honored.
    • Incoming first-year students have the ability to identify one or two preferred rommates.
    • Students requesting to live with more than one preferred roommate should note that space in standard triple rooms (rooms designed to accommodate 3 students) is limited and Residence Life may not be able to accommodate all requests.

Housing Assignments

First-year housing assignments and roommate information will be available during the last week of July. Students will receive an email to their address when housing assignments are available.

  • First-year residents may not request a specific area, building, or type of room on campus. 
  • Housing assignments for preferred roommates will be based on the earliest date of housing application submission of the two (or more) roommates. 

New residents are assigned housing and roommates based on gender, enrollment in designated Learning Communities or Special Interest Housing Options and—when possible—preferences specified in a questionnaire that accompanies the Housing Application.  

Incoming first-year housing accommodation requests must be submitted by June 15, 2024. Any requests received after this date may not be honored. 

  • Students seeking a housing accommodation must indicate "yes" within the "housing accommodations" page via the online housing application. Please follow additional instructions outlined within the "housing accommodations" page. 
  • Housing accommodation requests do not guarantee you a space in a particular area/building/room type as the University is limite to the space that is available. 
    • Housing accommodations are for the approved student and do not extend to their roommate(s).
  • All housing accommodations are processed and approved/denied directly through the Office of Disability Services and/or Learning Support Services. Please visit the websites below for more information. 

Students who are admitted to the University as a “resident” are guaranteed three consecutive years (six consecutive semesters) of on-campus housing, beginning with the Fall semester of the academic year of their admission. Students who forego a semester(s) of housing for any reason (i.e. participation in a study abroad or internship program, deferred acceptance, leave of absence) are not guaranteed an additional semester(s) of housing in their fourth year.

Housing for a fourth year is not guaranteed, except to students who are admitted to the University with Presidential or certain scholarships that specifically guarantee a fourth year of housing. There is an annual housing lottery for seniors interested in on-campus housing. On-campus housing is limited, and typically, housing is available for one-third of the senior class.

Unfortunately, Villanova University is unable to offer on-campus housing to transfer students given current demand and availability.  

The University maintains off-campus housing information, where you will find a database that may help you find a roommate and other resources.


Explore housing infomation and policies, including residence hall opening/closing dates. 

Wednesday, Aug. 21: First year student move-in day

Thursday, Aug. 22-Sunday, Aug. 25: New Student Orientation

Monday, Aug. 26: Classes begin


Please visit the Bursar's Office website for details regarding Housing Rates. 


Familiarize yourself with the policies in the Student Handbook governing residential living.


Tips for making the most of your residential experience.

Suggested Items to Bring for Living in a Residence Hall

  • Desk and/or floor lamp (non-halogen)
  • Shower bucket/shower shoes
  • Stationery supplies
  • Laundry supplies
  • Hangers
  • Extra-long bed linens 
  • Towels 
  • Cleaning supplies
  • First aid supplies
  • Surge protector
  • Heavy duty extension cord(s)
  • Wastebasket
  • Plastic containers with lids (for proper food storage)
  • Window or floor fan 


Please DO NOT Bring:

  • Candles (decorative or functional, wick or no wick)
  • Toaster ovens or crock pots (prohibited in traditional residence halls, permitted in apartments)
  • Hot plates or appliiances with exposed heating elements
  • Space heaters
  • Pets or animals of any kind (unless service animal or University-approved emotional support animal)
  • Halogen lamps
  • Platform beds or lofts
  • Cinderblocks or any other item designed to raise the height of your bed (bed heights are adjustable)
  • Wall mounted shelves or any other item that requires permanent fixture to walls or furniture
  • Air conditioning units
  • Electric scooters, self-balancing one- or two-wheeled boards or motorized skateboards (electric mobility aids for those with impaired mobility and electric bicycles are permitted)
  • Wall-mounted shelves or any other item that requires a permanent fixture to walls or furniture


A Note about Headboards:

While permitted, the addition of headboards to University beds is discouraged. One of the most significant contributors to mold growth is poor air circulation. Furniture, including headboards, may not be placed in front of the HVAC vent or return, as they can severely diminish the rate of circulation. A fabric headboard provides a soft surface for potential mold growth and cannot be easily cleaned—this is especially a problem when the fabric is in the path of HVAC circulation.

Additionally, Villanova beds are not designed for user modifications, which may create additional hazards. An improperly secured headboard can create a potential fall hazard if the headboard fails when the student leans against it.

Incoming student residence halls will be equipped with extra-long mattresses and require extra-long sheets. 

Laundry facilities are located in all residence halls. Washers and dryers are available for use at no additional cost for residential students. 

MicroFridge rentals are available this year directly from Campus Specialties, Inc.  The MicroFridge combines a microwave, freezer and refrigerator. Please note that only one MicroFridge or refrigerator/ microwave is permitted per room.

Campus Specialties will set up the unit in student rooms and will pick it up at the end of the Spring Semester. If anything goes wrong with the unit, Campus Specialties will replace it. 

Villanova provides free wireless Internet access throughout the campus. It is readily available in all academic and residence halls to all students, faculty and staff .

Villanova's wireless network SSID is "VUMobile." To connect, simply click on VUMobile on your computer's list of available wireless networks and enter in your Villanova user name and password. 

Trouble connecting? Please email UNIT User Support or call the UNIT Help Desk at 610-519-7777.

Villanova residential students have free access to Xfinity Stream, which streams live TV, movies and shows to any device. To set up Xfinity Stream when you arrive on campus, visit

What if I have trouble with my service?

For assistance, please email UNIT User Support or call the UNIT Help Desk at 610-519-7777.  

The University’s property insurance only covers property that is owned by the University. It does not cover damage to students' personal property. It is highly recommended that students insure their own personal property via an existing homeowners insurance or purchase a renters insurance policy. It is important to confirm with your homeowners insurance carrier that student’s property (including computers and other electronics) will be fully covered for loss while housed outside of the family dwelling.

As stated in the Student Handbook and the housing contract, the University assumes no legal obligation to pay for loss of or damage to items of student’s personal property occurring on campus or in its buildings or storage areas.

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The Student Handbook is the official student handbook for Villanova University. We hope it will be a ready reference for information important to you during your stay at the University.

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