When it comes to living off campus, it may take some time and research to determine which properties best fit your needs and wants. Utilize the resources and information below to get you started in your off-campus search.

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PLEASE NOTE: The lists below are provided by the local townships and the University does not inspect, investigate, or endorse these properties or landlords in any way. These homes are approved for student use solely by the townships, not the University.

Please pay close attention to the township in which the property is located. Local townships have enacted zoning ordinances that dictate, among other things, the number of unrelated people who can live together.  Additionally, some townships restrict student rentals to only those properties designated as a "student home" by the township. Before signing a lease, please verify that the property is appropriate student housing within the township and ask clarifying questions of the landlord or property manager. Visit the Lease Information page to review helpful tips when it comes to signing your lease agreement.

(List updated as of June 2024)

Radnor Township zoning ordinances state that no more than two students may reside together (regardless of whether the students are blood-related ) and the property must also be approved as a "student home".  

NOTE: Radnor does not govern multi-unit properties (3 or more units). Those owners are permitted to rent to students without township approval. Multi-unit properties in Radnor Township are not included on this list.

108 N Aberdeen Avenue

218 Bailey Road

221 Brook Street

709 Brook Street

710 Brook Street

711 Brook Street

229 Bryn Mawr Avenue

233 Bryn Mawr Avenue

298 S Bryn Mawr Avenue

229 Callanan Avenue

241 Callanan Avenue

245 Callanan Avenue

249 Callanan Avenue

616 Conestoga Road

625 Conestoga Rd

831 Conestoga Road

838 Conestoga Road

205 County Line Road

207 County Line Road

874 County Line Road

900 County Line Road

401 Fairview Avenue

58 Garrett Avenue

74 Garrett Avenue

115 Garrett Avenue

138 Garrett Avenue

140 Garrett Avenue

142 Garrett Avenue

144 Garrett Avenue

146 Garrett Avenue

151 Garrett Avenue

853 Glenbrook Avenue

883 Glenbrook Avenue

885 Glenbrook Avenue

887 Glenbrook Avenue

889 Glenbrook Avenue

893 Glenbrook Avenue

895 Glenbrook Avenue

10 Good Shepherd Terrace

700 Haverford Road

700 Haverford Road

746 Haverford Road

748 Haverford Road

750 Haverford Road

122 W Lancaster Avenue

231 E Lancaster Avenue

233 Lancaster Avenue

500 E Lancaster Avenue 139B

500 E Lancaster Avenue 118C

1030 E Lancaster Avenue 215

1030 E Lancaster Avenue 619

1030 E Lancaster Avenue 832

218 Landover Road

190 Meredith Avenue

214 Rockingham Road

55 Wistar Road 

Lower Merion Township zoning ordinances state that no more than three unrelated people may reside together and the property must also be approved as a "student home".

The Lower Merion Township approved student rental properties can be found on the township's website.

Tredyffrin Township zoning ordinances state that no more than three unrelated people may reside together and the property must also be approved as a "student home".

954 Upper Gulph Rd. 

196 E. Conestoga Rd. 

383 Upper Gulph Rd. 

478 Quigley Ave. 

480 Quigley Ave. 

483 Quigley Ave. 

957 Mount Pleasant Ave. 

961 Henry Ave. 

967 Mount Pleasant Ave. 

974 Mount Pleasant Ave. 

984 Upper Gulph Rd. 

985 Mount Pleasant Ave. 

995 Mount Pleasant Ave. 


Please note: This site is password-protected and is only open to Villanova students seeking other Villanova students in off-campus housing. 


There's a wide array of transportation and parking options for students to explore the local area. Additionally, Villanova's Office of Transportation and Parking offers several solutions for your on-campus parking and transit needs.

Villanova offers several off-campus shuttles for students. Please see the shuttle schedule for more information.

Injured or disabled students who need to visit the Rothman Institute, Bryn Mawr Hospital, Main Line Diagnosis, Excel Physical Therapy, Premier Urgent Care or other local medical offices for an appointment may call for the Mobility Shuttle.

The off-campus shuttle also transports students, who are otherwise mobile, to several locations. Please visit the Department of Public Safety or Parking Office websites for arrangements. 

For more information regarding SEPTA schedules, routes, fares and more, please visit their website.

SEPTA is the public transportation service for Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs, including Villanova University. There are two SEPTA train stations on-campus:

  • Paoli/Thorndale Line (Regional Rail):
    • This station (wheelchair-accessible) is located between the Mendel Parking Lot and the S-4 Garage (located by Garey Hall).
  • Norristown High Speed line/R100:
    • This station is located at the end of the bridge connecting the St. Thomas of Villanova Church and the Wildcat Path, near the Commons (located near McGuinn Hall).




The Paoli/Thorndale Line offers the most direct service into Philadelphia, with stops at 30th Street Station (University City area), Suburban Station (Center City) and Jefferson Station. 30th Street Station serves as a major travel hub, providing train, trolley and bus service throughout the city including travel to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL).

The following stations along the Paoli/Thorndale Line are also direct access points for AMTRAK:

  • 30th Street Station
  • Ardmore
  • Paoli

Paoli/Thorndale Line Regional Rail Station stops include:

Berwyn, Devon, Strafford, Wayne, St. Davids, Radnor, Villanova, Rosemont, Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Ardmore, Wynnewood, Narberth, Merion, Overbrook, 30th Street Station, Suburban Station, and Jefferson Station (farther stops are outside of Philadelphia).

SEPTA Key Passes can be purchased at the Paoli/Thorndale station, as well as online.


The Norristown High Speed Line provides direct access to the 69th Street Transportation Center.

Norristown High Speed Line Station stops include:

Wynnewood Rd., Ardmore Junction, Ardmore Ave., Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Roberts Rd. (Rosemont),  Garrett Hill, Villanova, Radnor, County Line and stops at the 69th Street Transportation Center.



Two SEPTA bus routes also operate along Lancaster Avenue that provide service throughout the Main Line.

105 BusPaoli to 69th Street Transportation Center

Stops include: Cricket and Lancaster Aves, Lancaster and Bryn Mawr Avs, Radnor (Chester and King of Prussia Rds.), Lancaster and Wayne Aves (Wayne), Lancaster and Main Avs (Berwyn).

106 Bus: Ardmore and Paoli to 69th Street Transportation Center

Station stops include: Ardmore, Lancaster and Bryn Mawr Avs, Radnor (Chester and King of Prussia Rds.), Lancaster and Wayne Avs (Wayne), Lancaster and Main Aves (Berwyn).

Zipcar is a car share program that allows vehicle rentals by the hour. To sign-up and for more information, please visit Villanova's Zipcar website.

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We want to provide the best experience possible for our students and community members. Below are helpful resources and tools to get started with off-campus housing needs.

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