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There are various support services available to M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing students to assist them in achieving academic and personal success. The University offers many resources to aid students in meeting their personal, academic, and professional goals. The college has specific assets for academic and career support, including a the Simulation and Learning Resource Center, a dedicated Student Success and Retention Advisor, the Assessment Technologies Institute platform for content and testing support, and much more. Please see additional information located below.  

Student Success and Retention Advisor:   Dr. James Vines provides academic support for nursing students.  Dr. Vines ( provides study tips for exams, works with students with overcoming test anxiety, and helps students to develop their personal learning style.

Simulation and Learning Resource Center (SLRC)The center uses high-fidelity mannequins, standardized patients, and virtual reality experiences to enable students to apply theoretical knowledge to nursing practice. Students can work with faculty, staff, and undergraduate and graduate assistants to engage in deliberate practice of nursing skills in preparation for clinical experiences.

Student Faculty Advisor: Each incoming student is assigned a faculty advisor to help with course sequencing, registration, and academic and career strategies for success.

Assessment Technologies Institute “ATI”: This platform is a tool that provides students with additional resources to enhance learning of course content for each nursing subject area. It also offers proficiency exams to help students to identify content areas of mastery vs. those needing additional study to better prepare students for the NCLEX licensure exam following graduation.
When accessing this service click “Create Account” near the top right. For the best experience, we recommend you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.

Examsoft: This exam testing platform is used to administer course exams throughout the program, simulating a testing environment like what students will experience during the NCLEX licensure exam following graduation.
When accessing this service click the LOGIN button in the EXAM TAKERS section and log in with your Villanova UserID and password. You will be required to purchase a Examplify license and install and register the ExamSoft Examplify client for either Windows or Mac.

Learning Support Services: Offering a variety of support services, including academic coaching, study tools and workshops, test-taking strategies, and academic accommodations (ADA accommodations).

Villanova Writing Center: Providing one-on-one sessions with a qualified tutor who can assist at any stage of the writing process.

Mathematics Learning Resource Center (MLRC): Offering support and tutoring for all first-year and sophomore level math and statistics courses, advanced courses, and supplemental learning resources. 

Center For Speaking and Presentation: Helping students develop and refine their public speaking, interview, and presentation skills. 

Center for Access, Success and Achievement (CASA): Providing holistic support for underrepresented, first-generation, and Pell eligible students in a culturally diverse and academically excellent environment.

Academic Support for Athletics: Delivering supplemental academic support for all varsity student-athletes, addressing their unique academic needs.

Falvey LibraryOpen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A subject librarian is also available in the college to offer research assistance and resources.

Center for Research and FellowshipsThe center assists students with applications to major awards, scholarships, and fellowships. This center also helps to locate research funding to facilitate student research opportunities.

Clifton Strengths InitiativeEngaging students by identifying natural talents, developing those talents into strengths, and applying those strengths in experiences in the classroom, in leadership opportunities, in their relationships and in their careers.

Student Health Center Open 24-hours per day, the center offers primary health care and limited in-patient care to students at free or low cost.

University Counseling Center: Providing free individual counseling, group support, emergency care, and educational programs regarding emotional, academic, social, and psychological issues.

Office of Disability Services: Ensuring qualified students with physical disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities by eliminating physical and educational barriers and providing support services so students can participate in all facets of university life. 

Office of Health Promotion: Offering a variety of healthy living programs, resources, and consultation services on topics to make responsible choices to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Office for International Students and Scholars: Offering services to international students regarding immigration rights and responsibilities, educational, social, and personal counseling; cultural adjustment, and social activities.

Fitness CentersFitness facilities and group exercise classes are available at various campus locations with operating hours available online.

Nova Nook: Providing supplemental personal necessities to students with financial need. 

Learn, Engage, Advance, Develop (LEAD): Professional Development Program: This co-curriculum on professionalism, business etiquette, and career readiness prepares students with tools to represent themselves well, be accountable for their career path, and attain, retain, and advance in their professional nursing career.

Alumni Ambassador Program: Service matching a nursing program alumnus expressing willingness to speak with a nursing student regarding a specific nursing specialty, healthcare organization, or geographic location to assist in career decision-making.

FCN Community Closet: Gently used clinical uniform recycling program that provides free clinical uniforms to students with financial need. A limited number of scrub clothing items are available for students for summer externship experiences. 

University Career Center: Providing individual assistance for career exploration, résumé and cover letter writing, job search assistance, interview preparation, and graduate school application assistance. Also provides educational workshops, newsletters, recruitment events, and employment opportunities. 

Handshake: Mobile career management platform to connect students with individualized internships, job opportunities, career related events and workshops, and appointments with Career Center counselors.

Nova Network: Social and professional networking platform connecting students and alumni for the purpose of sharing career advice, insights, and career development resources. 

Wildcat Wardrobe: Service that provides free professional clothing to students in need. 

LinkedIn Learning: Online education platform featuring thousands of courses taught by industry experts enabling learners to explore and develop expertise in a range of subjects from technology, diversity and inclusion, leadership and management skills, and more.

UNIT Tech Zone: Providing support for all hardware, software and technical problems students have with their personal laptop and other on-campus computing devices.

Computer Loaner Program: Offering short-term loans or select longer terms loans to students whose primary devices are being serviced or repaired.

Undergrad Nursing Senate (UNS): The student government organization where undergraduate representatives serve as a liaison between the students and college staff, faculty, and administrators. Representatives collaborate with the college to promote the best interests of the students in the FCN. 

Student Nursing Association of Pennsylvania – Villanova University Chapter (SNAP-VU): The local chapter of the Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania, a part of the National Student Nurses Association, this organization promotes the professional development and personal leadership growth of students through service opportunities, educational events, conference attendance, and peer mentoring.

Men in Nursing: The local chapter of the American Association for Men in Nursing, this service-driven organization seeks to support men in nursing through individual action and creating a more diverse culture of caring. 

Nursing Without Borders (NWB): NWB is an on-campus organization that addresses social injustices surrounding healthcare through service, education, and advocacy activities with community organizations both locally and internationally. 

Multicultural Student Nursing Organization: This is a service-driven organization committed to facilitating relationships within the FCN community - student-to-student connection, student-to-community connection, and student-to-faculty relationships. 

Graduate Nurse Network (GNN): The mission of the GNN is to keep the graduate nursing students informed and connected through information sharing and networking opportunities.  In addition, the executive board is available as a resource center to answer questions about the graduate program.

Contact Us

For questions, please contact us at the following:

Dr. Anne M. Fink, PhD, RN, CNE
Associate Dean for College and Student Services,

Dr. James Vines, PhD
Student Success and Retention Advisor

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