Producer, Studio Social & Short Form, Fox Sports

Matarozzi handles the editorial content and digital strategy for two of the sports studio shows on FS1. She plans content, writes copy, creates graphics, cuts video, works with talent, and closely follows sports news, in addition to overseeing two direct reports.

“The rigor of the (English) program, including meeting deadlines, effective communication with professors and effective communication through the written word, prepared me well for working in such a high-pressure industry. The connections I made throughout the department also landed me my first major internship in my field, at Sports Illustrated.”




Assistant Account Executive, Prosek Partners

Sedgwick works with a diverse set of companies to develop and share their stories with the media. She builds relationships with key journalists while strategizing with leading players in the financial and professional services industries.

“I declared my English degree junior year, after pursuing two more ‘practical’ degrees that I didn’t enjoy and that I didn’t feel were providing me with meaningful opportunities. While reading and writing were always my passions, I was consistently told that it would be extremely difficult to find a rewarding job with an English degree. Since graduating, I’ve experienced the exact opposite. My career doesn’t have a straight trajectory (which I love!) and every day I get to work with new people, companies and ideas while doing what I most enjoy— communicating.”




Sports Editor & Designer, The New York Post

Bianowicz edits copy that comes in from many sports writers, writes punny headlines (including, sometimes, the ones featured on the back page), designs pages for the paper, and writes for the website.

“The big advantage of my job is that I get to do what I love every day, where I get to be enthusiastic about what's happening when I walk into work because of the subject matter (I spent much of my free time throughout my life playing, consuming and altogether caring about sports and it's simply become economical to have my work day be an extension of what I do in my spare time), but also because I get to help make writing better and present it in ways that make people just as excited about sports.”




Credit Research Analyst, Vanguard

Murray assesses the creditworthiness of municipal and tax-exempt entities (i.e. cities, states, counties, school districts, hospitals) in order to determine the investment value of their debts/bonds.

“I spend a significant portion of my time reading disclosures, news articles and legal documents and communicating my thoughts to other analysts and traders through verbal presentations, memos, research reports. For instance, when I assess a new deal... I typically review financial statements and several hundred pages of Information which I have to distill into a 1-2 page memo, often within a day or two. Being able to quickly read large amounts of information and concisely summarize it is a key driver of success in my role, and my English studies at Villanova helped me tremendously to be able to do that.”




Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, Jefferson Office of Institutional Advancement

DelVecchio matches the giving and research priorities of local, regional, and national corporations and foundations to initiatives within Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health.

“If you love what you’re studying, you’ll get better grades, better internship opportunities, and you’ll learn how to explain the value of your critical thinking, writing, and research skills to potential employers. It can be tempting to pick a major with a prescribed job path, but an English major provides a broad skill set that can be applied in infinite ways. It also reinforces the creativity you’ll need to build the job path that’s right for you. If I could do it over again, I would pick an English major every time.”




Associate Director for Communication, American Geriatrics Society

Trucil helps raise awareness for the research and clinical expertise of more than 7,000 health professionals who care for us all as we age. He gets to help experts working on cutting-edge science translate their findings into narratives we can all understand.

“Some of my most interesting assignments at work take me right back to the basics of my English major... I've been able to leverage PR strategies, narrative theory, and cultural anthropology to conduct trainings with 500+ physicians, civil servants, and executives on how to better communicate about aging in America by helping those colleagues better understand how their messages are heard by their respective audiences... It's a powerful example of how words (and word choice) matter in the most literal sense!”




Director of Admissions, Monsignor Bonner & Archbishop Prendergast High School

Walsh recruits students from local Catholic and public grade schools for Bonner & Prendergast. He oversees school-wide enrollment, financial aid and tuition assistance programs, and all marketing/outreach communications with partner grade schools and communities. He also teaches theater and directs for the theater program.

“My Villanova education absolutely helps me with my job every day. What's neat in hindsight is that it helped both with my specific duties, but also overall professionalism and expectations. For example, formal e-mail communications, meeting deadlines, participating in and empowering the growth of a school community are little things about the professional world Villanova taught me without me even realizing.”


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Marie-Helene Bertino, Recipient of the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Fellowship, The O. Henry Prize, The Pushcart Prize, and many others

Jill Bernardes, Vice President, Internal Communications at Ameriprise Financial

Catherine Bucaria, Assistant Director, Acquisitions & Editorial Operations, Penguin Random House Audio

Jason Burritt, Partner at Seyfarth Shaw law firm

Ryan Costella, VP, Organizational Development & Strategy at Click Bond

Dominique DuMouchel, Business Development Director at The Glenmede Trust Company

Jim Gorant, Author of the New York Times best-selling The Lost Dogs

Meghan Kenny Hopkins, Manager of Internal Engagement & Communications, Quest Diagnostics

Catherine Keating, CEO of BNY Wealth Management

Maureen Kenney, Vice President & Associate General Counsel at Fiserv

Elizabeth Kreider, Corporate Responsibility Manager at QVC

Jackie Lebowitz, Senior Account Manager for TED Conferences

Alex Abad-Santos, Senior Cultural Reporter at Vox

Caroline Steller, Senior Associate, Executive Search at NBCUniversal Media LLC

Diana Sugg, Pulitzer Prize winner, editor of The Baltimore Sun

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