Research Opportunities

Research opportunities for students in Cognitive Science span several departments and a number of different topics. Faculty research areas and links to laboratory websites are provided below. Contact indvidiaul faculty members to find out more about research opportunities in their labs.

Faculty Member    Department    Research Area
Grant Berry, PhD   Spanish   Language variation and change, laboratory phonology, artificial intelligence
Michael Brown, PhD   Psychological & Brain Sciences   Animal learning and cognition
Anna Drummey, PhD   Psychological & Brain Sciences   Memory, cognitive control, science advising/student success in science majors
Diego Fernandez-Duque, PhD   Psychological & Brain Sciences   Judgment and decision making, higher cognition 
Charles Folk, PhD   Psychological & Brain Sciences   Visual attention
MaurĂ­cio Gruppi, PhD   Computing Sciences   Natural language processing, language variation and representation, text mining, machine learning
Irene Kan, PhD   Psychological & Brain Sciences   Cognitive neuroscience of memory
Xue Qin, PhD   Computing Sciences   Software testing and migration, human computer interaction, natural language processing
Georg Theiner, PhD   Philosophy   Philosophy of mind, embodied cognition, social epistemology, philosophy of language
Thomas Toppino, PhD   Psychological & Brain Sciences   Learning and memory
Joseph Toscano, PhD   Psychological & Brain Sciences   Speech perception, language processing, hearing
Deena Weisberg, PhD   Psychological & Brain Sciences   Developmental psychology, imaginative cognition, learning, scientific thinking, causal reasoning
College and University Resources

In addition to resources and opportunities through the Departments of Computing SciencesPhilosophy, Psychological and Brain Sciences, and Spanish, Villanova provides support to undergraduate students in all aspects of their collegiate experience and beyond through the centralized services of the Office for Undergraduate StudentsOffice of Education Abroad and Career Center.

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