Student in psychology lab.

The Cognitive Science Program offers an interdisciplinary perspective on intelligent systems, from humans to machines and from neuroscience to philosophy.

Human beings are intelligent—we can learn, remember and think. But do computers think, too? Do animals? What is thinking, anyway, and how do we do it? These are some of the questions addressed by faculty and students in Cognitive Science, an interdisciplinary field drawing on work from a number of disciplines. Each field of study brings unique theoretical perspectives, methods and data to bear on the common goal of understanding intelligent systems.

The Cognitive Science Program at Villanova includes faculty from the Departments of Computing Sciences, Philosophy, and Psychological and Brain Sciences, with expertise in artificial intelligence, animal behavior, perception, language, cognitive neuroscience, human-computer interaction, and embodied cognition. Coursework emphasizes skill acquisition across different fields of study, and research opportunities foster the abilities that make students into scientists.


Cognitive Science students can choose from a large selection of courses in Biology, Cognitive Science, Computing Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Philosophy and Psychology.

Opportunities to work with faculty on research in machine learning, cognitive neuroscience, human-computer interaction, and many other areas.

Minor and concentrations can be combined with different majors to create a course of study that fits students’ interests.

Cognitive Science Program
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