Undergraduate Student Research

The Department of Chemistry offers students the opportunity to participate in research, including funded opportunities during the summer.  More information on funded undergraduate research opportunities can be found on the SharePoint site.  In addition to gaining experience using state-of-the-art instruments, students also have access to world class chemical databases and programs.

Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research (SUGR) Fellowships

The Department of Chemistry is able to support a number of students with Summer Research Fellowships. Student may decide on an area of interest (Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, or Physical Chemistry), find a research mentor and apply for a fellowship.

Competitive Fellowships

Established by generous donors, the Chemistry Department offers three competitive fellowships for students to participate in research.

  • Ronald Magolda, PhD, Undergraduate Research Fellowship
  • James J. and Ann M. O’Malley Fund for Undergraduate Research
  • Anthony J. and Heand Johns Silvestri

The Magolda and Silvestri awards supports students with prior research experience, while the O’Malley award funds first time researchers or those with little research experience. To be considered for one of these competitive fellowships, applicants must provide a brief statement describing their career objectives and the impact the fellowship would have on the student’s career goals.

Villanova Chemistry Society

Open to all Chemistry students, or students from related disciplines, The Villanova Chemistry Society (VCS) meets periodically to plan social events, service projects and other events of interest. VCS organizes student opportunities to translate chemistry learned in a classroom into practical application.

Villanova Chemistry Peer Mentorship Program (VCPMP)

Freshmen Chemistry majors are paired with upperclassmen mentors to help establish lasting relationships and foster community in the department. For more information on the program, please email

Study Abroad

The Department of Chemistry has study abroad opportunities for students. Please review the Major Advising Pages for more information on program offerings, academic timeline, course approval, and more. 

Professional Development and Career Outcomes

After you have earned your BS in chemistry or biochemistry, what can you do next? Find out more about professional development opportunities as well as the career paths of recent graduates on our Careers page.

College and University Resources

In addition to resources and opportunities through the Chemistry Department, Villanova provides support to undergraduate students in all aspects of their collegiate experience and beyond through the centralized services of the Office for Undergraduate StudentsOffice of Education Abroad and Career Center.

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