A professor and two students in the lab.

The Department of Chemistry teaches the theory and practice of chemistry and biochemistry to undergraduate and graduate students, while also providing them significant and relevant independent research opportunities.

Students learn both conceptual and hands-on aspects of chemistry necessary for success in chemical and biochemical fields. The faculty actively conduct research in diverse areas such as environmental chemistry, protein biochemistry, natural product synthesis, catalysis, fuel cell research and computational chemistry, and, as teacher-scholars, they are committed to engaging students in their research that advances knowledge in the scientific community and beyond.

The research experience reinforces and expands lessons learned in the classroom, while the reverse is also true. Students benefit from a better classroom experience because of the learning and insights they gain in the research laboratory.

Villanova University
Department of Chemistry
Mendal Hall, Room 215

Department Chair and Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Dan Kraut

Administrative Assistants
Valerie Marchesani and Melissa Steinman




AN EDUCATION IN THE LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES promotes intellectual curiosity and rigor; instills the fundamentals of critical insight, mature judgment and independent thinking; and strengthens students’ sense of their moral responsibility for others and for the betterment of society.