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The biochemistry program is designed for students who are interested in life at the molecular level.

In our program, you will study the chemical processes involved in DNA replication, transcription and translation. We also emphasize the structure of biomacromolecules and the structural implications on cellular processes. Our faculty use their biochemistry training to understand disease and basic processes at the molecular level. Biochemistry also supports students studying chemistry and the life-sciences by offering courses for students interested in medicine or the allied health fields.



Our BS in Biochemistry degree is ideal for the student who wishes to pursue an interdisciplinary degree with extensive study in both Chemistry and Biology.

The degree is offered as an interdisciplinary program between the Chemistry and Biology Departments and is accredited by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Further, all graduating seniors have the opportunity to take an exam leading to the certification of their degree through the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

With training in biochemistry, analytical chemistry, molecular biology and genetics, this degree is excellent preparation for the health sciences, including medical school, graduate work in fields ranging from pharmaceutical science, forensic science, food science, neurobiology, biochemistry and molecular biology, and direct employment in academic and industrial settings.

For more information about the Program in Biochemistry, please contact one of the program co-directors: James Wilson, PhD, or Jennifer Palenchar, PhD.