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Congratulations! We are excited that you have chosen Villanova University for your graduate study! This page is designed to make your transition to graduate school as seamless as possible. If you have a question that is not addressed by the information here, please feel free to contact the Graduate Studies Office at any time.

1.  Submit your Admission Reply Form.

2.  Submit official transcripts from all schools at which you earned more than nine credits. If you are completing a degree just prior to enrolling at Villanova, be sure that the degree and conferral date are posted to the transcript before ordering. Some institutions will allow you to order the transcript before degree conferral and will not process the order until the degree is posted to the transcript.

Please order official transcripts and have them sent by the institution(s) to:

Or find Graduate Programs, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Villanova University listed in the transcript service recipient options.

Paper transcripts may be mailed to:

        Villanova University
        Office of Graduate Studies
        Liberal Arts and Sciences
        Vasey Hall - Suite 202
        800 E. Lancaster Avenue
        Villanova, PA 19085

NOTE: If you are unable to have an electronic transcript sent to us officially through your university registrar’s office, please contact us as soon as possible.  

3.  Contact your program director for course registration information. 

4.  Apply for Financial Assistance

5.  International Students may wish to consider signing up for a course in the English for Everyday Life Series through the College of Professional Studies (Please note: Courses through CPS will not count towards your degree in Graduate Studies.)

Grad CLAS Facebook Group

The Office of Graduate Studies is excited to introduce a new Facebook group for Villanova University Graduate CLAS Students. Run by the graduate assistants in our office, this group will be a resource for all current students to interact on an informal basis, create community and even search for roommates. Use this link or search “Villanova Grad CLAS Students - 2021 – 2022” on Facebook to join. *Note – it is a private group so all incoming members will be verified by admin before being permitted to join*

Printing Quota – vPrint

  • vPrint is the UNIT-run student print program available via multiple vPrint stations and labs around campus and at the Law School.
  • All students receive a $100 vPrint allowance per academic year. This allowance is available from June 1st to May 31st, with the balance viewed every time students print at a vPrint station.
  • If additional print allowance is required, students can utilize their Nova Bucks, or contact the UNIT’s TechZone (x9-7777) or for more information.
  • View your Balance on MyNOVA: Student Tab
  • The Wildcard office DOES NOT control this print allowance, all requests should be directed to the TechZone.

Printing Quota – iPrint

  • iPrint is the campus print program run by the Graphic Services Department out of the Bartley Print Center.
  • All students receive a $30 iPrint allowance per academic year for black and white printing only. This allowance is available from June 1st to May 31st and the balance can be viewed along with the NovaBucks balance online at or every time students print.
  • ONLY The Bartley Print Center can authorize any additional funding to the iPrint allowance.  If the students iPrint allowance is at zero, they can print with NovaBucks.
  • Questions about the iPrint allowance?  Stop by the Wildcard Office or the Bartley Print Center.

University-wide New Graduate Student Orientation

Visit the Orientation website to learn more about the many university resources available to graduate students and to watch the recording of the virtual event.

Office of Graduate Studies
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Villanova University
Vasey Hall - Suite 202

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The Office of Graduate Studies offers a multitude of ways to get acquainted with Villanova! From personal tours to events such as Open House and virtual information sessions, we have options to fit your schedule. Plan your visit today!