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This program is designed to ensure that students have adequate access to printing resources in order to accomplish academic work. Villanova continues to reinvest in print capabilities changes in the delivery of course materials, as well as the fundamental changes in the way academic assignments are carried out. The use of public printing facilities has increased significantly in recent years. Villanova continues to evaluate solutions to provide print capabilities while managing costs. 


Tolentine Lower Level Lab, Falvey Library, Donohue Hall (South Campus Dinning Hall), St. Mary's Lounge, Garey Hall (1st Floor Student Lounge) Driscoll Hall 207, Bartley Print Center, Drosdick Hall 104, Drosdick Hall lower level, Connelly Cyber Lounge and TechZone @ The Commons.


The objective of this program is to:

  • provide cost effective print options for students
  • reduce the amount of waste generated in the public labs
  • control the expense of operating the labs
  • make students more conscious of and accountable for the materials they print

What is vPrint?

vPrint is an easily accessible and convenient public printing system available for all Villanova students, staff, and faculty. vPrint introduces various new and improved functionalities, which aim to enhance Villanova University’s printing system. These includes:

  • Uploading documents from anywhere on campus, and even at home
  • Printing from any vPrint station, regardless of where the document was uploaded
  • Access to uploaded documents for 24 hours

How can I upload documents to vPrint?

vPrint’s improved accessibility provides a variety of options for uploading documents for printing. You can upload documents by:

  • Using your Villanova email username and password to log on to any vDesktop Terminal found throughout campus, and setting “vPrint ” as your printer when printing a document
  • Logging on to your Villanova email and sending an email with your attached document(s) to
  • Using your Villanova email username and password to log on to vPrint Mobile, available at
  • Installing the vPrint student software found at, and then setting your default printer to “vPrint” when printing on-campus from your laptop

Detailed instructions for uploading documents, as well as installing the vPrint software, can be found on the “Uploading documents to vPrint” information page.

How long do I have to print my uploaded documents before they are erased from vPrint?

Uploaded documents will remain available on vPrint for 24 hours. However, once a document is printed, it will be erased from vPrint.  

Where can I print my documents using vPrint?

The locations of the printing stations are:

Falvey Library, 1st floor

Driscoll Hall, Room 207

Bartley Hall, Bartley Print Center

Donahue Hall, Cafeteria

Connelly Hall, Cyber Lounge

St. Mary’s Hall, Student Lounge

Drosdick Hall, Room 104

Tolentine Hall, Room B2 (Upper Lab)

Drosdick Hall, Ground Level


The Pharos Reader is located at the top of the printer, to the left of the printer screen. Once the Pharos WaveID Reader is activated by touching it with your WildCard, you will be granted access to your vPrint account and uploaded documents.

Note: Please remember to log out of your vPrint account after you have printed your document(s). For more detailed instructions on printing your documents, please view the “Printing with vPrint via Pharos” information page.

How much does it cost to print using vPrint?

·         Black and White prints: $0.06 (six cents) per page

·         Color prints: $0.12 (twelve cents) per page

·         Note: All printers used by the vPrint printing system print in black and white, however, only the two printers found in CEER (Center for Engineering Education and Research) have color-printing capabilities. Users who require colored prints are asked to utilize these two printers, or alternatively, print via iPrint at the Bartley Print Center.


University Helpdesk

Call Us: 610-519-7777
M-Th 8am-10pm
F 8am-5pm
Sa-Su 12pm-8pm

Walk-ins: Falvey Library, First Floor
M-Th 9am-7pm
F 9am-5pm

TechZone @ The Commons
Dobbin Hall
M-Th 8am-10pm
F 8am-5pm
Sa-Su 12pm-8pm

School of Law Helpdesk

Call Us: 610-519-7700
Walk-ins: Law Library Rm 104
M-F 9am-5pm

Classroom Technologies Hotline



Once accepted as a student, please reset your password.  This password will be used for MyNova, Email, Blackboard, and any other single sign on page at the University.

wireless printing

Wifi Printing is currently NOT supported in the Residence Hall.  Unit recommends students connect with bluetooth enabled devices. 


Internet Ready/SMART TV and Gaming devices, such as Apple TV, Roku, XBOX and others may have limited functionality with our network configurations.

Many students on campus may wish to connect to a VPrint printer using their own laptop. This is an option, however a print driver will have to be installed on the laptop. Visit this page for instructions.