Two students conduct research in the field.

In the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences sustainability is more than reusing and recycling—it is woven into the entire interdisciplinary curriculum. 

CLAS is deeply committed to proposing and implementing sustainability practices. The College provides the resources, structure and inspiration so that individual students, staff and faculty are empowered to make sustainability an integrated component of the College experience.

Courses across departments address issues from climate change to biodiversity, from public policy to environmental history. Specific undergraduate and graduate degree programs are also offered.

Center for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Stewardship

The College's Center for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Stewardship (CBEST) seeks to promote research in biodiversity and ecosystem science with a focus on understanding ongoing changes in ecosystems, their component organisms, and the benefits they provide to society.

Green Lab Certification

Green Lab certification gives recognition to those who are helping to make their lab area safer for people and the greater environment. Born out of a partnership between Environmental Health and Safety, the Office of Sustainability and Villanova lab representatives, the certification is meant to unite all three efforts to improve lab safety and sustainability, without compromising lab productivity.

Course Initiative Grants in Sustainability

The College offers course initiative grants for faculty to develop new courses in sustainability—strengthening faculty contributions to the College in ways that will benefit students, scholarship and intellectual life in relevant and responsible ways.