The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is committed to sustaining, improving and monitoring the effectiveness of our academic programs, guided by a comprehensive assessment plan focused on student learning outcomes. Approximately 45 faculty assessment liaisons assist their respective departments in improving the academic experience for our students. Several of our liaisons and Seth Fishman, PhD, have presented at academic conferences based on our student outcomes work.

Each department has implemented an assessment plan with an emphasis on incorporating the findings to make evidence-based curricular decisions. Every year, departments and academic programs complete an annual report highlighting their use of assessment findings to enhance and improve their curricula. 

In addition, the Core Curriculum Committee is responsible for evaluating the Core Curriculum. A highlight of its work is an interdisciplinary e-portfolio for the Foundation courses, a five-course shared intellectual experience that all undergraduates in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences complete early in their Villanova career.

Our College Assessment Committee, composed of faculty, academic staff and student representatives, advises and assists Seth Matthew Fishman, PhD, assistant dean, Curriculum and Assessment. For the example, the committee supports the College's overall assessment initiatives, communicates the value of these activities to the faculty of the College, and reviews initial drafts of College assessment reports for our Middle States Accreditation and other outlets as needed.

Seth Fishman, PhD
Assistant Dean, Curriculum and Assessment
Teaching Professor, Education and Counseling

The foundation of a CLAS education is the Core Curriculum—a set of interdisciplinary courses designed to spur intelligent discourse and personal development.