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"Research that Resonates"

A podcast from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Research that Resonates is a podcast from Villanova University's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences that takes listeners inside labs and classrooms to learn about important research our students are conducting alongside faculty mentors.

Italian Innovators is produced by Luca Cottini, PhD, associate professor, Romance Languages and Lituratures, who tells the stories of great modern Italians in the fields of fashion, technology, business, music and design from the 19th century to the present.

The Center for Irish Studies celebrates 40 years with a special podcast series featuring interviews with Emily Pine and Jill McCorkel.

HR Tea takes trending topics and research in human resources, steeps them for 30 minutes or less and leaves you with fresh-brewed ideas on how to drive high-performing, inclusive organizations and create meaningful work experiences. 

The VU iMPAct dives into public administration topics and trends through interviews with Villanova MPA faculty, staff and other public service experts. Join us as they tell their interesting stories and hear what inspired their journey to serve.

In Theory features interviews, lectures, and more from the Department of English.

Latin American Studies podcast talks to professors in Villanova University's program.



Cover of "Boundless" publication

“Boundless” is a publication that illustrates the extraordinary accomplishments of our students and faculty with examples of their collaborative research, innovative teaching and outstanding scholarship.

Read the 2019 edition.