Center For Biodiversity and Ecosystem Stewardship

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Through the integration of biodiversity and ecosystem studies with outreach to our local and global communities, our Center is committed to innovative collaborative research.

Villanova University’s Center for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Stewardship (CBEST) promotes research in biodiversity and ecosystem science with a focus on understanding ongoing changes in ecosystems, their component organisms, and the benefits they provide to society. Housed within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, led by a team of scientists at the forefront of their fields, and reinforced by the contributions of graduate and undergraduate researchers, CBEST integrates science with action, working with a diverse community of experts in locations around the world to preserve biodiversity, manage complicated ecosystems and combat the challenges posed by an uncertain future.

What We Do

Our research takes place at sites found in the tropics, in the boreal, and everywhere in between, with perspectives ranging from ecosystems to the individual organism. Tour the locations of our CBEST research.

The Center fosters the education and development of undergraduate and graduate students as scientists, training them to effectively disseminate their findings. CBEST provides a public platform for the local Villanova community and beyond to engage in educational opportunities and understand the influence of human activities on the Earth’s biodiversity and ecosystems locally, regionally, and globally. Learn more about out student researchers.

We are committed to working with and learning from research entities, land managers and stewards, teachers, and other members of the communities where our research takes place. 

Focusing on spreading the word about the importance of biodiversity and the effects of climate change on ecosystems across the globe is of the utmost importance to the Center. We engage with students of all ages, and communities exposed to ecosystem disruptions to promote and encourage public engagement. Learn more about our education and outreach.


CBEST collaborates with departments across the University, as well as organizations outside of Villanova. Our partnerships include:


Geography and the Environment

Stoneleigh Natural Lands

Villanova Center for Resilient Water Systems