RISE enables graduate students to work directly with members on company-defined sustainable engineering projects and prepares graduates to address the full spectrum of sustainability issues confronting industry in the 21st century and beyond.

RISE Forum projects provide our graduate students an invaluable opportunity to tackle real- world sustainability issues confronting industry and challenges them to use whole systems thinking to bring new and innovative solutions to life.


Karl Schmidt
Director of the RISE Forum and Professor of Practice


“The RISE mission aligns with the goals of Energy 2020, which helps cable telecommunications operators manage power, density, and performance growth in ways that are beneficial for their businesses, their customers and the environment.”

Chris Bastian, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers


“The students have come up with a number of exciting ideas for which the technologies are at the earliest stages of development.”

Brian Lange ’88 ME, associate vice president, Merck


“Students discovered opportunities that surprised people. They have helped us expand our thinking and look at things in fresh ways. They’re very diligent, very intelligent and highly motivated.”

Dante Bonaquist, R&D senior corporate fellow, Praxair