Tentative Chemical and Biological Engineering Department Graduate Course Offerings (Fall 2020 to Summer 2023)

Note: All scheduled course offerings are subject to change due to instructor availability and other factors.

(offered annually)

(offered annually)

Alternative Energy

Dr. Vito Punzi
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering


Chris Bongo, alum of Villanova's Master's of Science in Chemical Engineering program stands outside.

“My Villanova Engineering research and courses prepared me for the technical challenges a process engineer faces daily, and taught me some incredibly valuable communications skills. My adviser was more than just a good professor—he and the entire department always had my personal development and best interests in mind.”

Chris Bongo, Process Engineer, Air Products



“My advisor’s industrial experience comes with a great sense of knowing what is realistic and brings access to industry research projects, expanded networking opportunities, and most importantly, his management skills. He pushes me hard, but always has a sense of reality and work/life balance.”

Anthony Vallace, current Villanova PhD student