Updated 11/1/2023

Graduate courses that are provided by Department of Biology and approved by the program director.

Spring 2024 (and every two years thereafter) 

Summer 2024 (and every three years thereafter)

Fall 2024 (and every two years thereafter)
CHE 8591 - Gene & Cell Therapy

Spring 2025 (and every two years thereafter)

Summer 2025 (and every three years thereafter)

Fall 2022 (and every two years thereafter)
CHE 7580 - CHE Economics
CHE 8550 - Chem Eng Reactors
CHE 8565 - Heat Transfer
CHE 8588 - Biochemical Engineering I
CHE 8591 - Gene & Cell Therapy

Spring 2023 (and every two years thereafter)
CHE 7587 - Biopharm Facility DesignCHE 8563 - Transport Phenomena
CHE 8571 - Separation Processes I
CHE 8589 - Biochemical Engineering II
CHE 8592 - Protein Engineering



(offered annually)

Dr. Zuyi (Jacky) Huang
Biochemical Engineering Graduate Studies


Evan Kurt, graduate of Villanova's Master's in Biochemical Engineering program.

"As a full-time student, I enjoyed the independence I had on my research project, but also appreciated the support of Dr. Bill Kelly who provided guidance and connected me with people in industry for further discussion on the topic.”

Evan Kurt, PhD student and graduate researcher, Biomedical Engineering, Duke University


Emily Harris, Master’s in Biochemical Engineering.

“I'm grateful to have been part of a graduate program that was small enough to allow me to interact with all of the other graduate students and all of the faculty. It helped me develop a really well-rounded approach to my research.”

Emily Harris ’20 MSBChE, Associate CAR T Cell Scientist, Janssen Pharmaceuticals


“There were a lot of pharmaceutical courses throughout the program that were in line with what I do every day. The combination of theory and the practical application in the classroom helped me to apply what I learned to what I do in the lab at work.”

Mike Weiss ’09 ChE, ’16 MSBChE, Senior Supply Execution Manager, Janssen Pharmaceuticals.


Luke Badalaty ’12 ChE, ’15 MSBChE

Luke Badalaty ’12 ChE, ’15 MSBChE

Title: Associate Director, Project Management

Company: Kyverna Therapeutics

Colleen Clark, Master’s in Biochemical Engineering.

Colleen Clark, PhD, ’12 ChE, ’14 MSBChE

Title: Manager, Strategic Options and Assessment

Company: Bristol-Myers Squibb

Matthew Tucker ’17 MSBChE

Matthew Tucker ’17 MSBChE

Title: Vaccine Process Development

Company: Takeda