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Centers of Excellence and Institutes Logos

Centers of Excellence and Institutes have been identified and defined by the deans of Villanova’s colleges. When a Center of Excellence or Institute is named, there is an opportunity to develop an individual mark for the logo. The mark provides a unique identifier for each Center of Excellence or Institute as well as a clear and consistent visual connection to Villanova University and the Center/Institute’s affiliated college. New marks must be requested through College Communication Directors and approved by the Vice President for University Communication. Design fees will be incurred.

Because both Villanova University and the appropriate college name appears within the Centers of Excellence and Institutes logos, they are able to appear without being accompanied by the University or a College logo—across all mediums. At no time should the elements that comprise the logo be pulled apart to be used independently.

On a print piece:
As stated above, the Center/Institute logo may be used without being accompanied by the University or College logo. It may not be altered in any way from the provided file setup. Jpg and eps files are acceptable file types for print mediums. Please see list below for unacceptable treatment of logo file when incorporating into a communication piece.
Return address panels on magazines, postcards or other self-mailers should always use the Villanova University logo, and, if desired, the Center/Institute and College name written underneath, followed by the University’s address.
In PowerPoint slides:
Each Center of Excellence and Institute will be provided with designed title and header/footer PowerPoint slides for their use.
On the web:
There is no requirement to use the Center/Institute logo on its web page. If desired, the Center/Institute logo may be used as a design element within the parameters of the approved University web template; C/I logo may not be used in the upper left corner, in place of the Villanova University logo, or in place of the College header.
On social media:
Centers/Institutes are encouraged to use the Villanova “V” as a social media avatar. However, if the Center/Institute logo includes an individual mark, that mark may be pulled out of the logo for the sole purpose of serving as a social media avatar.
For assistance in creating a social media avatar, please contact the Marketing team by email at
On business cards and stationery:
All employees of Villanova University are asked to use the approved stationery with the Villanova University logo, available through Villanova’s iPrint/Nova Docs online ordering system. The name of a Center/Institute may be included in the appropriate “Center or Department” field of the Nova Docs template.
A Center/Institute logo may appear on the backs of Villanova business cards, with or without a web address, and in place of the University’s tagline. The logo will appear in our signature blue on a white background. Please
On specialty products:
If you require a logo for an ad specialty item (t-shirts, pens, etc.) that does not fit the specified live area, please contact Marketing to obtain a usable file for your needs.

In order to ensure the consistency necessary to build and maintain a strong overall University identity, Center of Excellence and Institute logos should only appear in the colors recommended in the University brand guidelines. In addition to the "two-color" versions provided to each College Communication Director, the logo should only appear in black, Villanova University Signature Blue (Pantone 281) or white reversed out (called “knock-out”) against a dark background.

Example of Logo Size and Placement

A Center of Excellence or Institute logo may be scaled proportionately to fit everything from interior signage to small brochures. To ensure successful reproduction, a minimum width of 2 inches is required.

If you have questions about which mark is most appropriate, please contact the Marketing department at or
610-519-3909, and you will be directed to the appropriate person.