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Getting Writing Done

A Workshop Series for Graduate Students

Reaching writing goals can be one of the great challenges of being an academic.  Yet, writing is critical to our success.  The Getting Writing Done workshop series, previously offered for faculty, has been adapted to focus on strategies for graduate students to become more efficient, satisfied writers. Topics covered include writing myths, imposter syndrome, mentorship, finding time to write, and managing revision. To find out more, click here.

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Session 1 - Overcoming Common Writing Hurdles

This session explores writing hurdles that hold academics back, (challenges such as facing the blank page, editing while writing, dealing with imposter syndrome, insufficient mentorship, having no time/energy to write, etc.) and then presents approaches for re-thinking and overcoming them.  

Session 2 - Managing Rejection and Revision

Rejection is a familiar but discouraging norm for academics as they seek publication and funding. As graduate students professionalize, understanding ways to negotiate negative feedback and maximize revision opportunities can save precious time and emotional resources. This session provides perspective on rejection culture in academia and examines ways to strategize responding to feedback and approaching revision.

Session 3 – Strategizing for Productivity

This session acknowledges the constraints and pressures academics face and presents strategies for becoming productive writers nonetheless.  We will discuss tips for carving out time to write amidst school and personal obligations and ways to maintain momentum on writing projects. This session also shares successful habits of highly productive scholars and ways to adapt writing practices to implement these success strategies.