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Securing External Funding

Physics professor and student in front of screen

A critical aspect of securing funding to support your scholarly work is finding appropriate funding sources. These can range from federal sources to private foundations to cultivating corporate relationships.

The University has curated a growing list of resources to help you begin thinking about where to seek support that makes sense for your needs.

We have developed a number of materials to aid you in proposal preparation. Please contact Amanda Grannas, Associate Vice Provost for Research and Chief Research Officer, for access.

The University offers faculty access to SPIN (Sponsored Projects Information Network), a powerful grant search engine for use by experienced faculty and newcomers alike. SPIN works like any other web search engine, using keywords to search a database, in this case a diverse database of grant opportunities pulled from federal/state agencies and private foundations.

The Office of Grants and Contracts works with investigators during submission of sponsored project proposals on behalf of the University. The Office negotiates and executes various types of research agreements, provides sponsored projects education and communication, and assists with proper stewardship of research funds awarded to the University.

Villanova University has engaged McAllister & Quinn, a leading higher education consulting firm, to provide grant writing assistance to select, high potential research projects. Those interested in consideration for such support should email Amanda Grannas, Associate Vice Provost for Research and Chief Research Officer.

Led by experienced academics in partnership with research support professionals across the University, the Villanova Institute for Research and Scholarship facilitates faculty, post-doctoral fellows and graduate student success at all stages of research, scholarship and creative endeavor.

Consortium Memberships

Villanova has consortium partnerships and opportunities with the following institutes:

As an associate ORAU member, Villanova students and faculty will have exclusive access to scholarshipsresearch grants, travel grants, science and technology events, high-performance computing and collaborative opportunities. Faculty and staff will have opportunities to work with national laboratories, federal agencies, educational and governmental entities, as well as participate in knowledge-strengthening competitions, and interactions with scientific leaders that will enhance faculty and students’ professional growth.

In 2017, Villanova became a member of Life Sciences PA. Faculty and students can participate in scientific poster sessions connecting them to the PA life science industry, and other Life Science PA events.

In 2018, Villanova joined as a consortium member of the McNeil Center of Early American Studies. Since joining, several students have participated in Undergraduate Research Workshops, and faculty members have received summer faculty fellowships through the McNeil Center.