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Organize and manage all your digital data safely

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What is an Electronic Research Notebook?  

Villanova faculty, staff, and student researchers are eligible for free access to the Electronic Research Notebook (ERN), LabArchives. Despite its name, this ERN platform is useful to more than just lab scientists. It offers researchers in any field a convenient, mobile way to organize, store, and easily search research data electronically across individuals, labs and universities.


Why use an Electronic Research Notebook?  

  • Searchability – Search for keywords, tags, users and entry types to find and access what you are looking for. 
  • Accessibility – Access your work anywhere and anytime with an internet connection.
  • Collaboration – Share your findings securely in real-time within your workgroup and with external collaborators. 
  • Security – Full control over the access of invited users with data backed up on multiple servers.
  • Versioning and timestamps – Ability to record and revert to any previous versions protects your work from accidental data loss and provides full audit trails (record of username, date and time).
  • Compliance – Supports data management and stewardship requirements of federal funders. 
  • Intellectual Property – Provides evidence of ownership of data with timestamps. 
  • Widely used by major research institutions. 


How do I create my account?  

Individuals can create an account by on the LabArchives website by signing in through Villanova single sign on or by requesting account activation at


Training and Onboarding Events  

In partnership with Falvey Library, the Villanova Institute for Research and Scholarship offers workshops, individualized sessions, and access to asynchronous tutorials.

  • LabArchives Introductory Session: Learn to quickly and easily create a LabArchives notebook and to manage your research data securely online. Other topics covered will include access management, adding and managing content, and collaboration tools. This session is led by LabArchives professional trainers.  This training is offered September 1, 2021 at 1pm. Register here.
  • LabArchives for Humanities and Social Sciences Researchers: This session, led by professional LabArchives trainers, demonstrates how to use the electronic research notebook (ERN) platform to improve workflow and research processes in studies that use videos, images, audio recordings, text documents, and more. The session will highlight ERN features relevant to humanities and social science research, provide tips on tailoring an electronic research notebook to your specific needs, and include time to ask questions. This session offered: TBD


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