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Villanova High Performance Computing (HPC)

Villanova University provides HPC resources through the Centralized Research Computing Facility (CRCF).


"We are a partnership of faculty, technical staff and students that empowers Villanova to maximize its computational research potential."


"Advancing Research Computing Through a Research Community" that features management of Augie, a center of HPC expertise, and HPC user support.

  1. HPC Management   
    a. Three HPC clusters:
    Augie (CRCF’s Flagship HPC)
    egr-hpc/Alipi (COE)
    CLUSTY (Astrophysics & Planetary Science)

  2. HPC Center of Expertise
    a. Training opportunities
    b. Skills development courses
    c. Point of contact for interaction with international experts at other institutions

  3. HPC Peer User Support (a.k.a. The Coding Center)
    a. Support for code development and debugging, and software applications
    b. Volunteer experts helping those that need it per Villanova’s Augustinian tradition
    c. Connection to experts at other institutions if needed


Research and Education

Villanova faculty are engaged in active projects, utilizing HPC resources to conduct research and complete analyses.

Our goal is to integrate Augie into up to 10 new and existing courses on campus. Please contact the HPC Oversight Team if you are interested in this opportunity.

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