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Faculty Writing Groups

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Join a semester-long writing accountability group

Do you have writing projects to complete? Concerned you won't find the time during the busy semester or short summer? Writing groups can be one of the best ways to stay on schedule. This program brings faculty together to create successful writing groups. Groups launch with an online workshop focused on planning, goal setting, and seeing the benefits of writing alongside others. Previous participants have reported tremendous progress on their writing projects, increased motivation to sustain writing despite busy schedules, and support and collegiality among group members.  

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"I have benefited tremendously from my writing group.  To me, it was a huge success.  Truly, it has been the best thing that ever happened for my writing.  I think that the process really set me up nicely to make the best of the quarantine and being part of the group has kept me grounded and focused on scholarship at a time when it would have been easy to let my scholarship drop.” 

"This was the best single thing I did to advance my research agenda.  I do not think I would have achieved much of this if I did not enter this program.  I know it sounds crazy, given all I achieved, but I do think that it was made possible because I had a weekly appointment and I kept the projects current, so I did not need a lot to pick them up and keep going.  I find that when too much times passes between writing sessions, I lose momentum and the start up time prevents me from being able to move on.  Thanks so much for making this happen."

"Established a positive relationship with other writers.  I benefited greatly from learning how members in other disciplines approached their writing. Kept me engaged and positive during this very challenging time of isolation. I am able to see the benefit of my efforts. Established a routine to take time to write for myself. Learned new writing habits and strategies. Enjoyed the camaraderie, made new friends."