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Resources for Pre-Tenure Faculty


Sample Research Statements 

The Villanova Institute for Research and Scholarship and Director of Faculty Affairs are pleased to offer a collection of tenure statements on research and scholarship for tenure track Villanova faculty wishing to familiarize themselves with the genre.

This collection serves as an educational resource for tenure track Villanova faculty members. All statements have been generously provided by tenured members of the Villanova faculty with the express aim of supporting junior colleagues.

Tenure track faculty can request access to these secure samples for their own professional development by providing the requested information and agreeing to the terms and conditions in the linked form below.


Selected Webinars

To view the webinars below you need to first activate your Villanova-sponsored individual NCFDD account by following the instructions at this link. This account is free to all Villanovans.


Advice for new faculty

NCFDD discussion panel

Work strategically

Facilitated by Manya Whitaker, PhD. Offered by NCFDD.

Resist imposter syndrome

Facilitated by Angelique Davis, JD. Offered by NCFDD. 

Build the tenure dossier

Facilitated by Emory University Center for Faculty Development & Excellence. Offered by NCFDD.